The mission of the Miami Dade College (MDC) Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is to enhance the educational experiences of MDC students through experiential learning activities in the financial markets.


SMIF activities will facilitate the development of skills and knowledge consistent with MDC Student Learning Outcomes. Curricular and co-curricular activities in the subject areas of economics, finance and investments will promote student enrollment in existing classes and leverage existing resources provided by the Business Innovation & Technology Center (BIT)


The SMIF seeks to:

  1. Enhance student understanding of the securities markets and security analysis
  2. Earn investment returns to support scholarships
  3. Provide students with experience in team-based investment decision-making
  4. Raise student awareness of the impacts of investing on people and environments
  5. Promote inclusivity across all MDC campuses and disciplines
  6. Develop student leadership, communication, and networking skills
  7. Develop outreach to community investment firms and inpiduals
  8. Organize an advocacy board comprised of local business, community, and college members
  9. Plan for continuity

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