Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - Talent Opportunity Priority

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PLTL Sessions

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) is a program designed to enhance student performance in science and mathematics by increasing the exposure of course materials. The goals of PLTL sessions are to explore different problem-solving techniques, encourage active learning, and to promote an environment of teamwork. A Peer Leader facilitates the session and may review or revisit some aspects of the material covered in class, but the dynamics of discussions are centered on facilitating problem solving techniques and collaborative learning. 

PLTL is an optional academic service incorporated in various science and mathematics courses. Its growth “stems” from positive results where students that participated in PLTL are approximately three times more likely to pass biology and other gateway courses than those who did not. The program runs during the fall, spring and summer terms. Sessions are aligned with course material and are held weekly for two hours.

Announcements for classes with PLTL sessions will be made by the Professor the first day of class. Make sure to sign up for PLTL sessions no later than the first Friday of the term. If you are not sure if there is a PLTL session for the class you are enrolled in, talk to your Professor.

Peer Leaders

Our Peer Leaders are current Miami Dade College- Kendall Campus STEM students who have excelled in their courses, specifically in math and science. They do not provide answers to homework, quizzes, exams, etc. Peer Leaders play a significant role at the Kendall Campus; they create a social and academic environment providing students the opportunity to network within a peer-based support system. Peer leaders will be paired with a Faculty Mentor who will ensure that the session materials are closely coordinated with the course goals and with other course components.