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What is TechHire?

TechHire is a U.S. DOL ETA H-1B Job Training grant program to train unemployed and underemployed youth and young adults to fill high-skill, high-wage (HSHW) jobs in technology.

The grant program was developed given the growing need for high-skilled workers and reliance on H-1B visas to fill in-demand jobs in the U.S.

What does the MDC TechHire program offer to participants?

  • The programs include tuition for courses, hands-on training and industry certifications, paid internships and job placement.
  • Grant support services including textbooks, supplies, bus passes, child care, career prep workshops.
  • Referrals to housing assistance, food benefits screenings, legal services, counseling and mental health services.

What TechHire programs are available at Miami Dade College?

Participants can choose from:

Where are MDC TechHire courses offered?

MDC TechHire courses are offered at these campuses:
North, Kendall, Wolfson, Medical, Padrón.

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