In Summer 2017, Miami Dade College’s TechHire Grant, School of Engineering and Technology (Entec), and Continuing Education lifted off the CompTIA Security+ Bootcamp. Twenty-Two students attended a 9-day intensive training in security concepts; communication security; infrastructure security; basic cryptography; and operational and organizational security. The students completed 80 hours of training within a 3-week period of time. Candidates were chosen based on prior knowledge of networking fundamentals and programming, incentive to complete the course, and necessity of workforce development to improve job searching skills.

Margaret Di Gennaro, TechHire Grant Coordinator, says “the success of TechHire’s CompTIA Security+ course is due to an instructor that takes theory and makes it appeal to the student. The curriculum offers hands on training that beginners, and professionals, understand, find engaging, and retain.” The CompTIA Security+ Bootcamp is facilitated by Diego Tibaquira, Associate Professor at Miami Dade College. The first CompTIA Security+ cohort resulted in a 100% industry certification exam pass rate. All 22 students are now CompTIA S+ certified. Professor Tibaquira is currently instructing the Summer 2018 cohort.

In May of 2018, Professor Tibaquira received the Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty Award for demonstrating passion in the classroom, supporting students inside and outside of the classroom, participating in college committees, and going above and beyond what is required to ensure that students are successful.

Congratulations to Professor Diego Tibaquira. There are surly more awards to come!