Motivote is a nonpartisan digital platform that helps MDC students who are eligible to vote get ready to vote in upcoming elections and helps all students build long-term civic habits. Users join teams with their friends, classmates, and club networks, complete bite-sized actions that increase their likelihood of voting and their civic knowledge, and compete for real-life rewards from favorite brands.

Motivote is open to all MDC students, alumni, faculty and staff. Students who aren’t eligible to vote can still use the platform and complete almost all of the civic actions! Everyone is eligible to invite friends, complete actions, and win rewards!

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How it Works

  1. Start or join a team with friends
  2. Complete actions to get #VoteReady
  3. Compete for points and prizes
  4. Close the loop, celebrate your vote

Have Questions?

Please contact us if you have questions at or contact your campus’ iCED office.