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    PROGRAM CODE: 27013 // TOTAL CREDITS: 64  

The Paralegal Studies Program prepares students to obtain entry-level employment in law offices, government agencies, banks or business corporations. It also enables persons working in the field without a degree to upgrade their skills to become a qualified paralegal. The MDC Paralegal Studies Program has been approved by the American Bar Association since 1987.

ENC 1101 English Composition 1 3 Credits  
ENC 1102 English Composition 2 3 Credits
Pre-Req ENC 1101
PHI 2604 Critical Thinking and Ethics 3 Credits
Pre-Req ENC 1101
CLP 1006 Psychology of Personal Effectiveness 3 Credits
PSC 1515 Natural Environment 3 Credits
SPC 1017 Speech Communication 3 Credits
Pre-Req ENC 1101
PLA 2003 Fundamentals of Law 3 Credits
Pre/ Co-Req ENC 1101
PLA 2104 Legal Research 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2003
PLA 2114 Legal Writing 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2104
PLA 2203 Trial Preparation 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2114
PLA 2223 Trial Practice and Appeal 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2203
PLA 2273 Torts 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2203
PLA 2303 Criminal Law 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2203
PLA 2600 Wills, Trusts, & Estates 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2203 & REE 2040
PLA 2763 Law Office Management 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2203
PLA 2800 Family Law 3 Credits
Pre-Req PLA 2203
BUL 2241 Business Law I 3 Credits
BUL 2242 Business Law II 3 Credits

Pre-Req BUL 2241

REE 2040 Real Estate Principles and Practices 4 Credits  
PLA 1949 Paralegal Studies Internship (or) 3 Credits*
Exit Course
PLA 2940 Paralegal Studies Practicum 3 Credits*
Exit Course

The student must complete two (2) credits from the following group:

PLA 2931 Legal Seminar: Ethics 1 Credit +
Pre-Req PLA 2003, PLA 2104, PLA 2114
PLA 2932 Legal Seminar: Computer Assisted Legal Research (CALR) 1 Credit +
Pre-Req PLA 2003, PLA 2104, PLA 2114
The student must complete one (1) credit from the following group:
PLA 2933 Legal Seminar: Real Estate Closing 1 Credit +
Pre-Req PLA 2003, PLA 2104, PLA 2114, REE 2040
PLA 2934 Legal Seminar: Immigration Law 1 Credit +
Pre-Req PLA 2003, PLA 2104, PLA 2114
It is necessary to see a Law Center advisor prior to beginning the program and before registering each term. New students are required to attend an orientation meeting. Students who desire to pursue a baccalaureate degree should consult with the program director. For more information, please contact The Law Center at (305) 237‑7813.

*This is an exit level course to be taken during the last term in the program. Students must meet with a Law Center advisor in order to register for either of these exit courses.

Students must take at least three (3) credits of required legal seminars. PLA 2931 and PLA 2932 are mandatory for all students. Students may choose either PLA 2933 or PLA 2934 for their third seminar. The legal seminars can only be completed during the last year of the program, and requires department approval in order to register.


All graduates must be proficient in Word Processing, Database Management, and Spreadsheet skills to be competitive in the job market. Therefore students are required to take CGS 1060 (Intro to Microcomputers). Students who have prior training/experience in computers may opt to take the CSP (Computer Skills Placement Test) in lieu of enrolling in CGS 1060. A passing score of at least 70 on the CSP shall fulfill the CGS 1060 requirement. Paralegal Studies students may need to take additional computer courses since the job market requires proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets and database systems.


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