All Employee Groups Workshops

The workshops available to all employees are those that provide information, professional development and skills i.e. computer applications, service excellence, etc. needed for successful performance at the College.

Computer Skills | Service Excellence | Performance Excellence | Career Planning | Clerical Skills | Grant Writing | Student Support | Teaching, Learning and Assessment | General Information

Computer Skills
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0006 Archiving Your Home Directory & Department Drives      
CTD0010 Office 2010: What's New       
CTD0010a What's New: Refresh 2010      
CTD0100 Word Basics   Yes  8
CTD0101a What's New? Word 10      
CTD0104 Word: Mail Merge   Yes   
CTD0105 Word: Review and Track Changes      
CTD0106 Word: Cite While you Write!      
CTD0107 Word Quick and Easy      
CTD0110 Excel Basics    Yes   8
CTD0111a What's New? Excel 10      
CTD0112 Excel Charts / Graphs   Yes   2
CTD0113 Excel Functions/Formulas   Yes    2
CTD0114 Excel Find Your Data Fast   Yes   2
CTD0116 Excel Quick and Easy   Yes    
CTD0120 Access Basics   Yes   8
CTD0121 Access Quick & Easy      
CTD0122 Access Database Design      
CTD0123 Access Tables & Forms      
CTD0124 Access Data Entry      
CTD0125 Access Queries and Reports      
CTD0129 Access Special Requests      
CTD0130 Design Your Web Page     9
CTD0139a Adobe Premiere: Video Editing   Yes  
CTD0140 Creating Dynamic Presentations   Yes  9
CTD0141 PowerPoint 2010: What's New?      
CTD0142 PowerPoint Presentation Skills      
CTD0143 Interactive Teaching with PowerPoint Faculty Yes  3
CTD0144 Qualtrics Quick and Easy      
CTD0145 Animating Your PowerPoint  Presentation      
CTD0146 PowerPoint Quick and Easy   Yes   
CTD0147 Jazz Up Your Presentation with Prezi   Yes   3
CTD0150 Outlook Basics      
CTD0152 Outlook Calendar   Yes   
CTD0153 Outlook Tasks       
CTD0154 Outlook Managing Email   Yes   
CTD0155 Outlook: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques   Yes  
CTD0156 Outlook 2010 Quick and Easy      
CTD0160 Publisher Basics     6
CTD0161 Publisher: Quick and Easy      
CTD0162 Acrobat Professional Basics      
CTD0170 Scanning       
CTD0171 Scanning and Image Editing     2
CTD0172 Flash: Animation and Action      
CTD0172a Audacity: Record & Edit Sound Files      
CTD0173 Digital Camera      
CTD0174 Image Editing       
CTD0177a Teach Smart with Smart Board   Yes  
CTD0178-1 Photoshop Elements Basics      
CTD0178-2 Photoshop Elements: Working With Selections      
CTD0178-3 Photoshop Elements: Layer Basics      
CTD0178-4 Photoshop Elements: Photo Retouching      
CTD0178-5 Photoshop Elements: Adding Vector Graphics      
CTD0178a Banners with PPT* for Angel Courses & More      
CTD0178b Photoshop Elements Basics   Yes  
CTD0180d Odyssey: Baccalaureate Reporting   Yes  
CTD0186 SharePoint Team Sites      
CTD0192b Response Systems: Turning Point Overview      
CTD0193 ImageNow User Training Business Affairs    
CTD0193a Image Now Training - Small Group Business Affairs    
CTD0194a Extensis Organization & Uploading Essentials      
CTD0194b Searching & Downloading The Extensis Catalog      
CTD0194g Task Stream: Implementation Team Training      
CTD0196 Flash CS4 - Level 1      
CTD0196a VM Ware Training      
CTD0196b Dimensional Modeling Overview Information Technology    
CTD0196c McAfee Training Network and IT    
CTD0196d Email Development & Getting Started with Lyris IT Department and Marketing/Publications    
CTD0196e Advanced Lyris HQ & Best Practices for Coding IT Department and Marketing/Publications    
CTD0196f What You Need to Know About CAN-SPAM IT Department and Marketing/Publications    
CTD0196g Email Marketing Essentials & Maximizing ROI Publications/Marketing and IT    
CTD0196h Email Marketing Overview All Lyris HQ Users    
CTD0196i Email Review, Scheduling and Metrics Lyris Users (not IT or Publications/Marketing)    
CTD0196j Lyris: Advanced and Individualized Support      
CTD0196k Kaseya Fundamentals IT Personnel Yes  
CTD0199a CurricUNET - System Overview      
CTD0199d CurricUNET - Approval Workflow      
CTD0199e CurricUNET - Advanced System Use      
CTD0199f CurricUNET - Course User Fees      
CTD0199g CurricUNET: Program Deletion Process   Yes  
CTD0199h CurricUNET: Program Development   Yes  
CTD0200b 11-1-1!  11 Tech. Skills, 1 Minute, 1 Session      
CTD0205 A "Delicious" FREE Tool for Social Bookmarking   Yes   
CTD0205g Let Your E-mails "Talk" with Eyejot      
CTD0206 Tridion Content Management: Basics      
CTD0230-1 Elluminate: Training for Moderators      
CTD0230-2 Elluminate Next>      
CTD0230c Microsoft Office: Tips and Tricks      
CTD0230d A Delicious Tool for Social Bookmarking!      
CTD0230e What is Web 2.0?      
CTD0230n 10 Tips for Improving Your Outlook      
CTD0243 Flashlight Overview      
CTD0250 Windows Movie Maker      
CTD0260 Second Life in Education: Get a M.U.V.E.      
CTD0319 ANGEL Navigation Basics   Yes   
CTD0390 Security Series      
CTD0390-4 Desktop Security - Overview      
Service Excellence - top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0502 Partners: Train the Trainer By invitation    
CTD0510 Connections      
CTD0511 Advanced Connections      
CTD0512 Advanced Connections: Train-the-Trainer By invitation    
CTD0513 Attitude of Service      
CTD0513a Creating Service Satisfaction      
CTD0513b Providing Service Excellence      
CTD0513c A Culture of Civility & Service Excellence      
CTD0514b Improving Radio Communication      
CTD0515 Dealing with Difficult and Angry People      
CTD0517 Quality Service      
CTD0518 Working with People with Disabilities      
CTD0519 Communicating with Hearing-Impaired Persons      
Performance Excellence top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0380 Preventing Harassment on Campus   Yes  
CTD0395b Ethical Behavior in the Workplace   Yes  
CTD0395k Reward & Recognition Strategies (Webinar)      
CTD0531 Effective Interpersonal Communication      
CTD0531-1 Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication      
CTD0531a Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback   Yes  
CTD0531b Basic Communication Skills   Yes  
CTD0535b Enhancing Customer Service   Yes  
CTD0535e Proactive Service   Yes  
CTD0609 Managing Multiple Priorities      
CTD0609a Prioritizing Your Projects: Staying in Control   Yes  
CTD0703 Strategies for Conducting Productive Meetings      
CTD0703b Using Technology for Meeting Effectiveness      
CTD0706 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving      
CTD0711a Adult-Child-Infant CPR with AED      
CTD0713 How to Get Control of Your Time      
CTD0723 Speaking Effectively      
CTD0723-1 Speaking Effectively Part 2      
CTD0724 Success Through Teamwork      
CTD0724a Adopting a Positive Attitude   Yes   
CTD0725 Working Effectively with Your  Supervisor      
CTD0726 Confidentiality in the Workplace   Yes   
CTD0726b Co-workers, Students & Challenging Situations      
CTD0727 Principles of Working Together Fairly and Legally Faculty and Administrators    
CTD0727a Emotional Intelligence      
CTD0728 Psychological Correlation of Post Trauma Faculty and Administrators    
CTD0729 Behavioral Interviewing Screening Committees    
CTD0729-2 Behavioral Interviewing      
CTD0732 Proactive Strategies for Conflict Prevention      
CTD0734 Diversity & Communication Workshop     3
CTD0734a Coming Together: Cultural Inclusion   Yes  
CTD0742 Taking Charge of Change      
CTD0742b Workplace Effectiveness: Making Positive Connections      
CTD0742c Becoming More Engaged & Effective   Yes   
CTD0742d Positive Attitudes in Difficult Situations   Yes   
CTD0742e Problem Solving & Decision Making      
CTD0742f Effective Communication Ethos, Pathos, Logos   Yes   
CTD0742g Positive Motivations - The Pursuit of Happiness      
CTD0742h Developing Strong Team Relationships - The Ultimate Outcome of Emotional Intelligence      
CTD0742i Strengths and Virtues: The Pursuit of Accomplishments Through Positive Psychology   Yes  
CTD0742j The Power of Play in Learning New Skill Sets   Yes  
CTD0750 M.E.E.T. on Common Ground: Respect in the Workplace      
CTD0757 Basic Legal Research      
CTD0763 Making the ROLMphone Work for You      
CTD0765 Four Generations in the Workplace      
Career Planning/Advancement top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0395 Business Etiquette      
CTD0834 MDC Internal Application Process      
CTD0834-1 Interviewing Skills for Internal Applicants      
Clerical Skills top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0180 Odyssey Finance (Preparer) Staff and Administrators Yes   
CTD0181 Odyssey Time & Attendance  (Preparer) Staff and Administrators Yes   
CTD0182 Odyssey Train-the-Trainer: New Trainers      
CTD0182a Odyssey Trainers Updates      
CTD0192a Odyssey Trainers: Updates      
CTD0183 ASTRA Training (Preparer) Staff and Administrators    
CTD0703-1 How to Take Minutes Staff and Administrators    
CTD0708 Effective Business Writing      
CTD0708-1 Business English      
CTD0721 Proofreading and Editing      
CTD0722 Essentials of Grammar      
CTD0722-1 Essentials of Grammar II      
Grant Writing top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0700 Grant Writing       
CTD0700-1 Grant Writing for NC North Campus Personnel    
CTD0700-2 Grants 102: Concept Paper      
CTD0700-3 Grants 101: Overview      
CTD0700a Grant Seeking Process   Yes   
CTD0700b Grant Concept Development   Yes   
CTD0700c Grant Project Design   Yes   
CTD0700d Grant Regulations   Yes   
CTD0700e Trends in Grant Making      
CTD0700f Grant Budgets   Yes   
CTD0701 Grant Money - Web Search      
CTD0701-1 Library Research for Grant Writing      
CTD0702 National Science Foundation Grants      
CTD0702a National Science Foundation Grants      
CTD0702-1 Libraries & Grant Series 1 Full and Part-Time Librarians, Library
Administrators and Library Support Staff at all Campuses
CTD0702-2 Libraries and Grants Series, Phase 2 Full and Part-Time Librarians, Library
Administrators and Library Support Staff at all Campuses
CTD0702-3 Libraries and Grants  Series, Phase 3 Full and Part-Time Librarians, Library
Administrators and Library Support Staff at all Campuses
General Information top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0180c New Odyssey Port: Enhancements to Odyssey Web      
CTD0184 Course User Fee Training      
CTD0185 Technology Demos: Video Resources   Yes  
CTD0194c Taskstream: Academic Disciplines and Programs      
CTD0194d Taskstream: Service Area Reports      
CTD0385 FERPA Training for Employees   Yes  
CTD0395g FERPA Compliance      
CTD0395p Building a Culture of Safety      
CTD0495n Ethnobotany      
CTD0495o Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease      
CTD0495r Designing a Successful Service Learning Course      
CTD0499a Interacting: Students Challenging Situations      
CTD0530 Using the Web to Access Student Services at M-DC      
CTD0554a Trends in Data Collection      
CTD0702b National Federal Grants Conference     8
CTD0726a Civility in the Workplace   Yes   
CTD0736 Exploring Diversity      
CTD0736-1 Embracing Diversity      
CTD0737 Capitalizing on Workforce Sensitivity in Academia      
CTD0742a R.I.S.E.      
CTD0751g Learning to Achieve      
CTD0751h Active Learning: Impact on Technology and Space      
CTD0759 Living Mindfully: Lighten Your Ecological  Footprint-Greening the Health Care      
CTD0759-1 Lightening Your Ecological
CTD0759a Deepening Our Connection to Earth      
CTD0762 Briefing for Essential Personnel      
CTD0765a Generation Y: Developing Talents in the Workplace      
CTD0795 School of Comics      
CTD0795k MDC^3 Facilitator Training      
CTD0832 New Employee Orientation      
CTD0832a Onboarding for Full-Time Non-Instructional Employees   Yes  
CTD0832b Onboarding for Part-Time Non-Instructional Employees   Yes  
CTD0833 Safety Awareness      
CTD0833a Community and College Preparedness Program   Yes   
CTD0833b Situational Awareness: Active Shooter      
CTD0835 Excellence Award Training      
CTD0836 My MDC Retirement Benefits 101      
CTD0836a Nearing Retirement in the FRS      
CTD0836b Investment Planning for Everyone - The Basics      
CTD0836c FRS Investment Plan: Understanding Your Benefits   Yes  
CTD0836d Using the FRS to Plan for Your Retirement   Yes  
CTD0836-1 Understanding Tax Shelter Annuities    
CTD0837 Conducting A Better TV Interview      
CTD0837a Committee Chair Training      
CTD0874a Ethics & Conflict of Interest      
CTD0900a Effectiveness Report Prep: Non Academic Adm.   Yes  
CTD0900b Effectiveness Report Prep: Academic Admin   Yes  
CTD MDC Fair Advancement by Degrees: MDC University Fair      
Student Support top
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 2012-2 FPD
CTD0199k V-Coach: Retain Module      
CTD0384a Restorative Justice & Student Conduct      
CTD0395a Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder      
CTD0395i Evaluating Tutor Training w/ Measurable Outcomes      
CTD0395l Effective Advising for Military Veterans - (Webinar)      
CTD0395m Comprehensive Student Advising      
CTD0395n Student Employees: Handling Disruptive Behavior      
CTD0395s Retaining 1st Year Male Minority Students   Yes  
CTD0395t Managing Psychotic/Manic/Delusional Students   Yes  
CTD0395v Support Student Veterans - 1st Critical Year   Yes  
CTD0395y 1st Year Experience: Men of Color & Success   Yes  
CTD0401d Restoring Civic Education      
CTD0479-2 Critical Issues in Orientation: Assessment, Trends, and Outcomes      
CTD0495 Responding to Students in Distress      
CTD0495e FERPA: Updates      
CTD0504 Student Travel Packet   Yes  
CTD0522b Advisement & Career Services - New Services Overview      
CTD0524 Advisement/Registration Odyssey   Yes  
CTD0524a Intrusive Advising & IEP (New & Continuing Students)   Yes  
CTD0524-2 Advising and Teaching Students with Psychological Disabilities     2.5
CTD0524-3 Advisement Refresher and Hands-On Application      
CTD0524-4 Advisement/Registration & Hands-On Application      
CTD0525 Coping with Learning Disabilities      
CTD0525a Div. Blind Services & Lighthouse for the Blind   Yes  
CTD0525b Community Resources: Deaf & Hard of Hearing   Yes  
CTD0528 Retention Strategies Workshop      
CTD0528b Retaining First Generation Students      
CTD0528c Supporting GLBT Student Success and Retention     4
CTD0532 Advisement 101      
CTD0532a Training for Student Services: New Student District and Campus Personnel    
CTD0532b Cross Training for Financial Aid: Level 1 District and Campus Personnel    
CTD0532c Cross Training for Financial Aid: Level 2 District and Campus Personnel    
CTD0532d Advisement Overview      
CTD0532e Financial Aid Refresh Cross Training      
CTD0536a When a Student Attempts Suicide: Next Steps      
CTD0536b Suicide Prevention Workshop: QPR Gatekeeper Training      
CTD0537a MDC Single Stop: Legal Services for Students      
CTD0538 Student Affairs Outcomes Based Assessment I      
CTD0538a Student Affairs Outcomes Based Assessment II      
CTD0538b Student Affairs Outcomes Based Assessment III      
CTD0559a Academic Coaching and Mentoring   Yes 10
CTD0595 Supporting and Serving International Students      
CTD0595b Social Media for Student Recruitment      
CTD0707 Domestic Violence: Prevalence, Causes and Patterns      
CTD0707a Mental Health 1st Aid in the Workplace   Yes  
CTD0735a Peer Mentors: 1st Year Student Experience      
CTD0740 Developmental Advising I Faculty and Staff    
CTD0741-2 Advising Students on SOAP   Yes   
CTD0741-5 Advising a Student Organization Faculty and Staff    
CTD0741-6 Military 101: Combat Zone Veterans Awareness      
CTD0741-7 Vets on Campus      
CTD0741a Advising Students with Foreign Credentials   Yes  
CTD0744 Advising International Students Advisors    
CTD0744c Advising New Students & Consolidation Update      
CTD0744d Advisement & Career Services Roadshow      
CTD0744e Introduction to Optimal Resume      
CTD0744-1 Advising New Students Faculty and Staff Yes   
CTD0744-2 ESL & Foreign Languages Advisement Faculty and Staff    
CTD0744-4 Advising Continuing Students   Yes  
CTD0744-11 Laws and Policies for Military Students      
CTD0744-12 Military Education/Sensitivity Training      
CTD0745 Advising for the Bachelors Degree in Education Advisors    
CTD0746 Advising for the Medical Center Programs Advisors    
CTD0746-1 Advisors Orientation to Current Requirements for MCC Programs Advisors    
CTD0746-2 Access Services for Advisement Staff Advisors    
CTD0746a Medical Center Campus Students Medical Campus Faculty and Staff    
CTD0749-2 Choices Planner at Facts.Org      
CTD0764 MDC's Testing Road Show      
CTD0764a Testing Road Show: 2      
CTD0764b Testing Road Show: PERT      
CTD0764c Testing Road Show: What's New?      
CTD0795 A Framework for Understanding Poverty      
CTD0795 Exploring Civility Initiative on Campus      
CTD0795i Virtual College and Student Services      
CTD0795j Student Services Institute - Financial Aid/Single Stop Information Session      
CTD0830 Financial Aid Process      
CTD0830a ProSAM Train the Trainer Financial Aid Staff    
CTD0830b ProSAM Initial Training Financial Aid Staff    
CTD0830c ProSAM Training Part II Financial Aid Staff    
CTD0830d ProSAM Advanced Training Financial Aid Staff    
CTD0830e ProSAM Clerical Training Financial Aid Staff    
CTD0830f ProSAM Clerical Training: Non FA      
CTD0870a Non Cognitive Factors - Student Success      
CTD0873-1 "411" Information Session      
CTD0873a 411 Information: BAS - FT & DP Registrars & Advisors    
CTD0873b BAS Information Session: Supervision & Management      
CTD0875 Record Job & Internship Placements      
CTD0912b IAC Student Services Town Hall Meeting      
Teaching, Learning and Assessment  top
Transition Workshops  top
CTD0795a Dealing with Change & Developing Career Strategy Recently Separated Employees    
CTD0795b Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills Recently Separated Employees