Staff Workshops

Many workshops are offered to staff to assist them in providing service excellence, in developing performance excellence, in learning about the College and its services as well in their own professional development and advancement.  Some workshops listed in this category are for specific groups of staff as noted. The workshops listed in the All Employee Groups Workshops are also available and include many of the computer application skills needed by this group.

All Employee Workshops  -   Includes computer applications and other workshops open to everyone unless noted otherwise.

Service Excellence | Performance Excellence | Career Planning | Clerical | First Aid/CPR/Childcare | Campus Services/Facilities | Public Safety | Support Staff Council Officers | Lab Personnel | Tutors | Professional Staff

CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience or Notes Offered 2012-2
Service Excellence
CTD0501 Partners: The Student Employee  Student Employees Yes
CTD0503 Professional Development for Student Assistants    
CTD0503a Financial Aid Work Study Training    
CTD0514 Telephone Excellence   Yes 
CTD0514a Netiquette and Telephone Courtesy    
CTD0514-1 Telephone and Email Etiquette All  
CTD0515a Dealing with Difficult People (a)    
CTD0516 Professionalism in the Workplace All  
CTD0516a Professionalism    
CTD0521 Dealing With Difficult Situations Professionally    
CTD0521a Dealing With Difficult Situations Professionally (a)   Yes 
CTD0535 Enhancing Customer Service    
CTD0535a Foundations of Service Excellence    
CTD0535b Enhancing Customer Service (a)   Yes 
CTD0535c Customer Service in Challenging Times    
CTD0535d Enhancing Relations/Proactive Customer Service    
CTD0731 Orientation for Students    
CTD0731a Basics of Intrusive Advising    
Performance Excellence
CTD0522c Facilitating Focus Groups: Train-the-Trainer    
CTD0522d Facilitating Focus Groups: Train-the-Trainer 2    
CTD0712 North Campus Full-time Staff Appreciation Day    
CTD0720a Presentation Skills      
CTD0724b Workplace Success, Part 1: Recharge your Imagination    
CTD0724c Workplace Success, Part 2: Making Consistent Progress    
CTD0742d Positive Attitudes in Difficult Situations    
Career Planning Advancement
CTD0729-1 Behavioral Interviewing: For Applicants    
CTD0739 How to Prepare Students with Disabilities for Job Interviews    
CTD0758-1 Taking Charge of Your Career All  
CTD0758-3 Moving Your MDC Career Forward    
CTD0758-4 Successful Annual Performance Reviews    
CTD0709  Essential English Phrases Staff  
CTD0709-1 Business Writing Online    
First Aid / CPR / Childcare
CTD0710 First Aid and CPR for Early Care Center Employees     
CTD0711 Infant/Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Staff for Whom Infant/Child CPR is Required  
CTD0711a Adult-Child-Infant CPR with AED      
CTD0711-1 Communicable Disease Training for Child Care    
CTD0719 FCCPC Update for Instructors    
CTD0743 Water Safety Training Environmental Staff  
Campus Services/Facilities
CTD0705 Writing Skills for Security and Custodial Staff    
CTD0716-1 OSHA for Custodians    
CTD0730 Custodial Training Seminar    
CTD0730-1 Professional Custodian Series: The Professional Custodian    
CTD0730-2 Professional Custodian Series: Safety Operations in Educational Institutions    
CTD0730-3 Professional Custodian Series: Sanitation for Educational Institutions    
CTD0730-4 Professional Custodian Series: Floor and Carpet Care for Educational Institutions    
CTD0796 Forklift Training (OSHA)    
Public Safety Officers
CTD0195c Report Executive Training Security College-wide  
CTD0612a Effective Assertion, Delegation and Accountability Public Safety Officers  
CTD0716 OSHA for Security    
CTD0705 Writing Skills for Security and Custodial Staff      
CTD0705-2 ESL for Public Safety Officers      
CTD0733 CPR / Automated External Defibrillator Training (AED)    
CTD0733a AHA Heartsaver CPR & AED Public Safety Officers  
CTD0733-1 Emergency Evacuation Plan North Campus/EEC  
CTD0733-2 Incident Management ICS 100.a & 700.a Public Safety Officers  
CTD0795 Clery Act Compliance Public Safety Chiefs  
Support Staff  Council Officers
CTD0600 Leadership Development for Support Staff Officers    
CTD0600a New Challenges for Today's Leaders Support Staff Council Officers  
CTD0600b Support Staff Council Retreat: HR Process Support Staff Council Officers  
CTD0600-1 Leadership Workshop for Support Staff Council    
CTD0901-1 Team Building: Support Staff Council    
Lab Personnel
CTD0175 Laboratory Attendance System for Lab Managers    
CTD0196 Using AccuTrack in Learning Centers and Labs 101    
CTD0296 Tell Me More: An In-depth Look EAP Speech and Accent Reduction Instructors  
CTD0472 How to Make a Difference in the Learning Process Computer Courtyards and Academic Labs  
CTD0499-2 Strategies for Interacting with Lab Students College Prep  
CTD0413 Tutor Training     
CTD0413-2 Train the Tutor Trainer I Math Personnel  
CTD0413-3 Train the Tutor Trainer II - Math Math Personnel  
CTD0413-4 General Tutor Training Math  
CTD0413b Tutor Training: Teamwork & Communication    
CTD0413c Tutor Training: Roles of a Tutor    
CTD0413d Tutoring for Effective Reading Instruction    
CTD0413e Tutor Certification Online   Yes
CTD0413f General Tutor Training   Yes


Professional Staff
CTD0395h Building Adult Career Pathways    
CTD0425b Legal Research for Librarians   Yes
CTD0601 Master Administrator Seminar    
CTD0751i Early Child Care: Preschool Training Community Education Child Care Trainers  
CTD0751j Early Child Care: Infant Toddler Community Education Child Care Trainers  
CTD0751k DCF - Early Literacy Community Education Child Care Trainers  
CTD0751l Early Child Care: Intro to Computers Community Education Child Care Trainers  
CTD0751m DCF - Special Needs Preparation Community Education Child Care Trainers  
CTD0751n DCF Trainers Train-the-Trainer Community Education Child Care Trainers  
CTD0716a OSHA: Forklift Training Forklift Operators Yes
CTD0905 Project Management Fundamentals      
CTD0901a Team Building and Planning: Community Ed.    
CTD0901b Team Building Web Design Department, District  
CTD0995a HR Division Meeting Workshop    
CTD0995h Community Education Retreat   Yes

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