Student Services Personnel Workshops
(including Financial Aid)

These workshops are designed so that Student Services employees expand their knowledge and skills in assisting MDC students from recruitment, admissions, registration, financial aid, advisement, career planning, retention to graduation and transfer.  The workshops listed in the All Employee Groups Workshops are also available and include many of the computer application skills needed by this group.

General Workshops  -   Includes computer applications and other workshops open to everyone unless noted otherwise.

CTD Number Workshop Name Notes Offered in 2012-2
  Student Services Institute    
CTD0395c Meaningful Student Affairs Outcomes    
CTD0522-2 Academic Advisement Services Retreat    
CTD0522a Advisement & Career Services Retreat    
CTD0523a Student Services Team Leadership    
CTD0525-1 ACCESS - Student Services Institute III    
CTD0528a 10 Ways to Improve Retention of 1st. Generation Students    
CTD0533a Strategies for Effective Academic Mentoring    
CTD0535 Enhancing Customer Service    
CTD0536-1 Students in Need: Crisis or Non-Crisis -  Student Services Institute III    
CTD0536-2 Ethical Standards in Student Affairs - Student Services Institute III     
CTD0610 Sunshine Law, Public Records & Conflict of Interest    
CTD0731 Orientation for Students    
CTD0731a Orientation for Students: Train-the-Trainer (Refresher)    
CTD0735 Club Advisor Training    
CTD0745 Advising for the Bachelors Degree in Education    
CTD0749-1 Using FACTS.Org in Student  Services    
CTD0749-3 2+2 Transfer Evaluation by    
CTD0795-2 Assessing Learning    
CTD0795c Student Services Planning Day   Yes
CTD0795d Using Web Tools to Connect With Students    
CTD0795e FIU Advisor Day (Advisor-to-Advisor Connection)    
CTD0795f Creating a "One Stop" Shop for Students    
CTD0795g Students Services Retreat: Wolfson    
CTD0795h Testing Directors Re-Visioning Retreat    
CTD0870 Getting into MDC: Recruitment, Admissions, and Residency Overview -  Student Services Institute II    
CTD0870-1 Helping Adult Education Students    
CTD0871 Financial Aid 101-  Student Services Institute II    
CTD0871-1 Financial Aid 102 All      
CTD0871-2 Financial Aid Information Session    
CTD0872 Career Pathways  -Student Services Institute II    
CTD0872a Resume Review: Train-the-Trainer    
CTD0995b IAC Student Services Retreat