Supervisor, Manager, Chairperson, Director, Administrators

Many workshops are available to assist Supervisors, Managers, Department Chairpersons, and Directors in their roles.  Additionally, the skills developed in the workshops listed for New Supervisor/Managers and New Chairperson/Directors, are essential to their success in these roles and should be taken within the first year. 

All Employee Workshops  -   Includes computer applications and other workshops open to everyone unless noted otherwise.

New Supervisor/Manager, Chairperson/Director
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered
CTD0180 Odyssey Finance  (for approvers) Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0181 Odyssey Time & Attendance (for approvers) Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0183a ASTRA for Managers Managers  
CTD0380 Preventing Harassment on Campus   Yes
CTD0603a MDC Policies and Procedures for Supervisors   Yes 
CTD0604 MDC Policies and Procedures for Managers Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0607 FrontLine Leadership for Supervisors Supervisor  
CTD0608 Leadership 2000+ for Managers Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0611 Faculty Performance Review: Why They Are So Important Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0611-4 Faculty Performance Review Part II Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0614 Creating Cooperation Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0620 Academy for Leadership & Development Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0622 Academic Leadership Seminar    
CTD0650 Doing The Right Thing Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0652 Faculty Advancement Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0652a Endowed Chair Training: Administrators   Yes  
CTD0695 Classroom Observation (New Dept. Chairs) New Dept Chairs  
CTD0695b New Chairperson Orientation New Department Chairs  
CTD0695d Using Data    
CTD0995k Online Textbook Adoptions Chairperson/School Director Yes
Supervisor/Manager, Chairperson/Director
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 
CTD0384 Troublesome Topics Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0395d Managing Adjuncts    
CTD0395e Higher Education Compliance 2010    
CTD0395r Supporting Department Chairs    
CTD0413-5 Train the Tutor Trainer I - General Tutoring Lab Managers  
CTD0413-6 Train the Tutor Trainer II - General Tutoring Lab Managers  
CTD0500 Overview-Student Assistant Training-Supervisors Supervisor  
CTD0520 Conflict Management Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0537b MDC Single Stop Mentoring Training    
CTD0595f Expanding Our Awareness of Social Media    
CTD0601 Online Application Processing System    
CTD0602 Motivating Employees to Achieve their Potential Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0602a Non-Monetary Rewards to Motivate People    
CTD0602b Supervising Part-Time Staff: Best Practices    
CTD0606 Positive Discipline Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0606-1 Documenting Discipline Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0610 Sunshine Law, Public Records & Conflict of Interest Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0612 Effective Delegating Skills Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0613 Performance Review Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0615 Appreciative Inquiry Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0621 Leading from Strengths PECs College-Wide  
CTD0622a Leadership Seminar for Chairs: Influencing Skills    
CTD0622b Leadership Seminar for Chairs: Managing Conflict    
CTD0622c Strategies for Promoting a Collegial College Department Chairs Yes
CTD0652c Faculty Advancement & Endowed Chair    
CTD0695c Serving as Acting Dean Supervisors, Managers  
CTD0695e Classroom Observation: Virtual Class Department Chair, School Directors, Associate Deans Yes
CTD0704 Writing Skills for Security and Custodial Supervisors Supervisors  
CTD0706 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0718 OSHA for Managers Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0725a Positive Power and Influence - Part One    
CTD0725b Positive Power and Influence - Part Two    
CTD0730-5 Staff Scheduling for Optimum Performance    
CTD0730-6 Fairness & Consistency in Staff Counseling    
CTD0731 Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0747 Grants Management I Grant Managers  
CTD0748 Grants Management 2: Carl Perkins Grant Managers  
CTD0905 Project Management Fundamentals   Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0905a Time Management for Burnt-Out Administrators    
CTD0912a Strategy Retreat West Campus    
CTD0912c IAC Academic Affairs Retreat    
CTD0995l School of Business Retreat 2013 School of Business Director, Chairs, and Managers Yes
CTD0995m Gettysburg Leadership Seminar College Provost, Campus Presidents and Deans Yes
Chairperson/ School Director/ Associate Deans
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 
CTD0558c Executive Briefing (TLOs) Department Chairs, School Directors. Associate Deans  
CTD0595a Curriculum Mapping/Student Outcomes/Assessment LOCC Leadership team  
CTD0558d Executive Briefing: Learning Outcomes Department Chairs, School Directors. Associate Deans  
CTD0611-1 Legal Issues Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0744-3 Advising for Department Chairs Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0744-5 Quick Tips for Advising Continuing Students Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0795 Administrator Briefing on Learning Outcomes Chairperson/School Director/Associate Deans  
CTD0874 Conflict of Interest Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0940 Baccalaureate Implementation-Admin, Discipline Chairperson/School Director/Associate Deans  
CTD0940a Baccalaureate Implementation-Academic    
CTD0995h Retreat Directors - College Administrators    
  Chairpersons and Directors may also attended all workshops listed in the Faculty Workshop    

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