Supervisor, Manager, Chairperson, Director, Administrators

Many workshops are available to assist Supervisors, Managers, Department Chairpersons, and Directors in their roles.  Additionally, the skills developed in the workshops listed for New Supervisor/Managers and New Chairperson/Directors, are essential to their success in these roles and should be taken within the first year. 

All Employee Workshops  -   Includes computer applications and other workshops open to everyone unless noted otherwise.

New Supervisor/Manager, Chairperson/Director
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered
CTD0180 Odyssey Finance  (for approvers) Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0181 Odyssey Time & Attendance (for approvers) Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0183a ASTRA for Managers Managers  
CTD0380 Preventing Harassment on Campus   Yes
CTD0603a MDC Policies and Procedures for Supervisors   Yes 
CTD0604 MDC Policies and Procedures for Managers Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0607 FrontLine Leadership for Supervisors Supervisor  
CTD0608 Leadership 2000+ for Managers Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0611 Faculty Performance Review: Why They Are So Important Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0611-4 Faculty Performance Review Part II Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0614 Creating Cooperation Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0620 Academy for Leadership & Development Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0622 Academic Leadership Seminar    
CTD0650 Doing The Right Thing Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0652 Faculty Advancement Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0652a Endowed Chair Training: Administrators   Yes  
CTD0695 Classroom Observation (New Dept. Chairs) New Dept Chairs  
CTD0695b New Chairperson Orientation New Department Chairs  
CTD0695d Using Data    
CTD0995k Online Textbook Adoptions Chairperson/School Director Yes
Supervisor/Manager, Chairperson/Director
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 
CTD0384 Troublesome Topics Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0395d Managing Adjuncts    
CTD0395e Higher Education Compliance 2010    
CTD0395r Supporting Department Chairs    
CTD0413-5 Train the Tutor Trainer I - General Tutoring Lab Managers  
CTD0413-6 Train the Tutor Trainer II - General Tutoring Lab Managers  
CTD0500 Overview-Student Assistant Training-Supervisors Supervisor  
CTD0520 Conflict Management Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0537b MDC Single Stop Mentoring Training    
CTD0595f Expanding Our Awareness of Social Media    
CTD0601 Online Application Processing System    
CTD0602 Motivating Employees to Achieve their Potential Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0602a Non-Monetary Rewards to Motivate People    
CTD0602b Supervising Part-Time Staff: Best Practices    
CTD0606 Positive Discipline Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0606-1 Documenting Discipline Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0610 Sunshine Law, Public Records & Conflict of Interest Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0612 Effective Delegating Skills Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0613 Performance Review Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0615 Appreciative Inquiry Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0621 Leading from Strengths PECs College-Wide  
CTD0622a Leadership Seminar for Chairs: Influencing Skills    
CTD0622b Leadership Seminar for Chairs: Managing Conflict    
CTD0622c Strategies for Promoting a Collegial College Department Chairs Yes
CTD0652c Faculty Advancement & Endowed Chair    
CTD0695c Serving as Acting Dean Supervisors, Managers  
CTD0695e Classroom Observation: Virtual Class Department Chair, School Directors, Associate Deans Yes
CTD0704 Writing Skills for Security and Custodial Supervisors Supervisors  
CTD0706 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0718 OSHA for Managers Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0725a Positive Power and Influence - Part One    
CTD0725b Positive Power and Influence - Part Two    
CTD0730-5 Staff Scheduling for Optimum Performance    
CTD0730-6 Fairness & Consistency in Staff Counseling    
CTD0731 Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0747 Grants Management I Grant Managers  
CTD0748 Grants Management 2: Carl Perkins Grant Managers  
CTD0905 Project Management Fundamentals   Supervisor/Manager/Chairperson/Director  
CTD0905a Time Management for Burnt-Out Administrators    
CTD0912a Strategy Retreat West Campus    
CTD0912c IAC Academic Affairs Retreat    
Chairperson/ School Director/ Associate Deans
CTD Number Workshop Name Audience/Notes Offered 
CTD0558c Executive Briefing (TLOs) Department Chairs, School Directors. Associate Deans  
CTD0595a Curriculum Mapping/Student Outcomes/Assessment LOCC Leadership team  
CTD0558d Executive Briefing: Learning Outcomes Department Chairs, School Directors. Associate Deans  
CTD0611-1 Legal Issues Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0744-3 Advising for Department Chairs Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0744-5 Quick Tips for Advising Continuing Students Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0795 Administrator Briefing on Learning Outcomes Chairperson/School Director/Associate Deans  
CTD0874 Conflict of Interest Chairperson/School Director  
CTD0940 Baccalaureate Implementation-Admin, Discipline Chairperson/School Director/Associate Deans  
CTD0940a Baccalaureate Implementation-Academic    
CTD0995h Retreat Directors - College Administrators    
  Chairpersons and Directors may also attended all workshops listed in the Faculty Workshop    

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