Workshop: 2 for 1: Capture and Podcast Your Lectures   

Course ID - CTD0270a

Short Title: Lecture Capture     

 Audience    Faculty
Length of Workshop:       9  hours  ( 6 F2F hours and 3 online work hours)

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.

 In this workshop, faculty will learn how to use lecture capture software to record live lectures or pre-record lessons for a variety of delivery methods. The workshops will include the mechanics of downloading, installing and using the software for recording as well as best-practices for recording lectures and ideas for enhancing lessons. Also included will be optimizing PowerPoint to take advantage of the search and retrieval tools in the recorded material. During the second session, participants will learn how to edit and prepare the recording for various online delivery methods, including Podcasts through iTUNES U and links to the College LMS. In addition to the workshop sessions, participants will work on their own and or with lab technician assistance to finalize a completed lesson capture which will be shared in an ongoing MDC faculty repository. An online copyright module will also be required.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how to access the recording software 
  • Describe instructional uses and best practices for lecture capture
  • Narrate and record a PowerPoint or screen Capture
  • Edit a recording
  • Define Podcasts and Vodcasts
  • Find instructional Podcasts and/or Vodcasts
  • Discuss ideas for the use of audio and video podcasts
  • Share a recorded lecture/lesson in a MDC repository
  • Describe how Fair Use and the Teach Act impact the use of educational podcasts
  • Locate procedures for incorporating technology into College curricula including but not limited to Copyright, ADA requirements and use of Social Me.

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