Workshop:  Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 1 to 3

Course ID - CTD0444-3

Short Title:  Adjunct Teaching: 5

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Audience:    Adjunct Faculty
Length of Workshop:     12 hours
Prerequisite  None

In order to receive credit and a certificate of completion, participants must attend all 4 sessions

Part One: 
Learning encompasses three broad domains - knowledge, behaviors and attitudes.  When we create a positive learning environment for learning, we set the conditions for students to move  through a range of behaviors in each domain, from simple to increasingly complex, until they achieve mastery of course learning outcomes.  Participants in the workshop will have an opportunity to apply the principles of developing a positive environment.
Part Two:
Surely, teaching is more than technique.  Educators exhibit compassion for learning and an enthusiasm for the progress of their students.  If not the heart of teaching, technique is the muscle, the means of accomplishing educational goals and learning outcomes.  This module explores a vast range of educational theory and application to classroom teachers as they develop their own personal plans for excellence.
Part Three:
Enhancing Teaching and Learning Using Educational Technologies
This module will assist Adjunct faculty in their efforts to develop and enhance curriculum by integrating technology into the curriculum.  Participants will have an opportunity to analyze and evaluate present course outlines and make revisions where appropriate.  The content of this module includes: The Physical Environment - Communication and Display; the On-line Briefcase: Gifts from the Publisher: Tools and Best Practices: and M-DC Resources.

* Adjunct faculty will be compensated at a rate of $20.00/hour upon successful completion of the workshop.  While you are welcome to take a workshop more than once, CTD can only compensate adjunct faculty for the first time that they take one of these workshops.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the  contradictory, even paradoxical nature of education
  • Apply the Law of Service to psychological, instructional and physical learning environments to enhance the learning process
  • Explain the importance of clear and effective communication in the educational process
  • Differentiate between three educational climates
  • Analyze and evaluate various suggestions and innovations for improving the educational climate.
  • Describe the challenges as well as the innovations opportunities of diversity in providing effective learning
  • Describe the Characteristics of M-DC students
  • Use the principles of adult learning to guide their selection of teaching and learning techniques that put students at the center of their teaching
  • Explain the impact of culture and diversity in instruction
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the various new techniques and innovations in their courses to facilitate learning
  • Design and deliver instruction appropriate for both instructor and learner using technology as an enhancement
  • Create learning outcomes using technology to initiate, excite, and encourage learning
  • Apply various modes and levels of technology into the curriculum
  • Describe the challenges as well as the innovations for integrating technology in the classroom in providing effective learning


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Course ID: - CTD0444-3
Course Title: Adjunct Strategies 5
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