Workshop: Teaching in College
 An Online Workshop for Adjunct Faculty (Scenarios)

Course ID - CTD0450

Short Title:  Teaching in College

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Audience:    Adjunct Faculty
Length of Workshop:     2 hours face-to-face orientation, two hour debriefing session, and approximately 24 hours online
Prerequisite  access to a Web connected computer off campus

60 adjunct faculty (15 per session) will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive web-based faculty development course called Scenarios:  Teaching in a Learning College. There will be a face-to-face orientation to the online program to get an overview of the program, to review the course syllabus and to develop an understanding of the course assignments, deadlines, ongoing discussion threads and assessments.  The actual course will be conducted online. At the end of the course, there will be a face-to-face debriefing session. 

Upon successful completion of the entire online workshop, participants will be paid a stipend of $250.


As a result of successful completion of specified criteria the workshop, participants will:

  • Increase their understanding of and experiment with active learning techniques in their classrooms (cooperative learning, classroom discussions, and case studies)
  • Identify resources available to students at MDC (College resources that contribute to students' development, both intellectual and social) for working with students in the advising process
  • Use classroom assessment techniques in their classes
  • Identify three to five changes they will make in their syllabus as a result of their online learning experience 

In order to be selected to participate in this course, adjunct faculty:

  • Must have a Network Log In ID
  • Must have access to a computer and internet (on and off campus)
  • Must have a working e-mail address and/or other contact information
  • Must attend orientation and debriefing for the session in which participant is registered
  • Must be able to dedicate at least three hours a week to the course.  Total 24 hours for the eight weeks
  • Must be prepared to post and interact meaningfully online with other students from the course
  • Must complete all assignments by deadline date
  • Must be active in the course every week. If participant is inactive for a week without prior notification to and approval by the faculty, he/she will be dropped from the course



Reference # Campus/Room


  See instructions below Kendall: 

Marcia Cassidy
Participants Request Form
Please complete the form below, and email it to the appropriate campus facilitator 
Kendall Marcia Cassidy Please email your acknowledgment/acceptance of terms
North  Sheryl Hartman Please email your acknowledgment/acceptance of terms
Medical Roberta Neway Please email your acknowledgment/acceptance of terms

(Each workshop is limited to 15 participants

Name______________________             Campus______________


Phone_____________________       e-mail address____________

I have read all the requirements for this course and I agree to:

a) attend the orientation and debriefing meetings
b) dedicate, at least, three hours a week to this course
c) interact with the other participants via discussions
d) complete all assignments by deadline date

Signature_____________________________                   Date____________________

The facilitator sponsoring the workshop will contact you soon.

Registration information
Course ID: - CTD0450
Course Title: Teaching in College
Reference # - see table 

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