Workshop: EAP Discipline Retreat

Course ID - CTD0550a 

Short Title: EAP Retreat    

 Audience    Faculty (EAP)
Length of Workshop:       8 hours  (2 pre workshop and 6 workshop hours)

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.

Nationally prominent EAP expert Mark Algren of the University of Kansas will provide a presentation on best practices in the discipline to set the context    for the curriculum discussions. Each of the five EAP Discipline workgroups will present status reports on the work completed since the last discipline
meeting. Professor Algren will provide feedback on the elements of these workgroup recommendations. With facilitation by Prof. Algren, faculty will put
all the elements from the workgroups together to form an EAP model and a concrete action plan to complete by the end of the fall term.

Prior to the workshop, each of the five work groups will prepare a PowerPoint and documents that describe their status reports in detail, including the materials they reviewed, and any findings and recommendations. During the workshop participants will further refine the work group reports into action
plans with timelines. The entire group will participate in creating an overall model for the EAP program that unites the plans of the work groups. Each individual participant will produce a reflective critique of one of the best practices or the models presented at the workshop. All materials presented and created at the retreat will be submitted to SharePoint and other shared websites within two weeks of the retreat, and completion of these tasks will be verified by Prof. Thompson. In order to receive FPD credits for the retreat, participants must submit the reflective critique to Prof. Thompson within two weeks of the retreat for review and posting on the SharePoint site.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify which general education courses are suitable for EAP students at different levels and why
  • Identify which EAP courses are suitable to integrate in order to decrease the number of EAP courses  students take
  • Plan how to best integrate labs and technology into EAP courses
  • Determine which levels are suitable in an accelerated format to decrease the number of EAP courses and to minimize the time to completion
  • Contribute to the design of an orientation program and the intrusive advisement for EAP students to increase their transition into college-level program
  • Incorporate best practices for EAP into the MDC curriculum model


Dates of Workshop

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11/03/12 749789 F2F Saturday
8:00am - 4:30pm
InterAmerican/TBA Mark Algren


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Course ID: CTD0550a  
Course Title: EAP Retreat
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