Workshop: Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Planning:
 Peer Facilitator Development Series   

Course ID - CTD0557b

Short Title: Peer Facilitator LO    

 Audience     Faculty
Length of Workshop:        9 hours ( 2 workshop F2F and 7 online hours)

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.  Participants must complete the series to earn the 9 credits for Faculty Professional Development.

This is a three part series on Peer Facilitation for Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Planning. Participants will practice facilitating discussion with faculty on how to design effective program assessment and improvement plans for programs and disciplines.
Part one and Part two are blended with two hours F2F and one hour online. Part three is online. There is a total of 9 hours training.

Part One: Writing Appropriate Program Learning Outcomes. Part Two: Assessing Program Learning Outcomes. Part Three: Using Assessment Results  for Program Improvement Plans.

The facilitator role is intended to promote discussion and sharing about teaching, learning and assessment practices, to promote collegiality and support around the Learning Outcomes Initiative and to help facilitate good assessment practice. This facilitation role is voluntary, with the facilitator providing constructive feedback and recommendations  based on his/her experiences with the MDC Learning Outcomes. This role is not part of any formal evaluative system at the College; rather, it is a strategy to reflect on and improve learning outcomes assessment plans and to assist faculty and student services professionals in designing dialogue and review processes intended to strengthen student learning through the use of assessment data.



As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  Compose student learning outcome statements
  •  Explain the differences between course competencies, program or area outcomes, and college outcomes
  •  Contrast levels of student learning outcomes
  •  Apply S.M.A.R.T. (Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Results-Oriented; Time-Bound) criteria to statements
  •  Explain menu of assessment strategies
  •  Contrast direct vs. indirect measures
  •  Check alignment of learning outcomes with assessment measures
  •  Explain Quantitative v. Qualitative analysis
  •  Identify whether or not targets have been met
  •  Facilitate interpretation
  •  Practice facilitation, coaching and consulting skills
  •  Explain a menu of assessment strategies (pros and cons)
  •  Apply M.A.T.U.R.E. (Matches; Appropriate methods; Targets; Useful; Reliable; Effective and Efficient) criteria to assessment measures
  •  Identify ways to apply the interpretation to examination of:
     1) teaching & learning issues such as curriculum, services, activities and pedagogy
     2) assessment of process and data analysis
  •  Assist others to establish a design for discussion and decision making
     1) offer a menu of appropriate possible methods, e.g., a discipline or area retreat, etc.
     2) foster concrete action plans for improved student outcomes learning

Reference #

Delivery Format

Meeting Days/Time


 711107 Blended 02/17/12 thru 03/30/12

Two face-to-face hours on 2/17/12 and 7 online hours


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Course ID: CTD0557b 
Course Title: Peer Facilitator LO  
Reference # - see table 

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