Workshop: Executive Briefing (TLOs)

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Short Title: Executive Briefing

 Audience   Chairs, Directors & Deans   
Length of Workshop:       2 hours 

Facilitated by LOCC and LOAT members, this two-hour briefing is designed for department chairs, directors and deans who supervise faculty and student services personnel.  The briefing will present the strategies and substance of a 15-hour, two-part workshop series for faculty and student services personnel committed to assessing targeted TLOs.  The series will begin on February 6, 2009; the date for the second part of the series is currently under discussion.    

During the briefing, the facilitators will discuss the tools of Authentic Assessment and the collegewide Learning Outcomes rubrics faculty and student services personnel might use.  The facilitators will also discuss the concept of targeting selected learning outcomes.  For example, the 2009 faculty and student services workshop series will focus on four TLOs:  :#2 Quantitative Analysis, #5 Global, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives, #7 Ethical Thinking, and #9 Aesthetic Appreciation.  These TLOs were selected based on the 2007-2008 CSLOA results, the updated curriculum maps, and the fall 2008 Campus TLO Dialogues.  The briefing will also include a discussion about strategies supervisors can use to engage faculty and student services personnel in the ongoing student learning outcomes


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  Describe the elements of the collegewide assessment process
  •  Explain the concept of authentic assessment
  •  Identify strategies to assist faculty or student services personnel in implementing SLO assessment and in improving SLO performance based on such assessment


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