Workshop:  Master Teacher Seminar

Course ID - CTD0480

Short Title: Master Teacher

Audience:   Faculty
Length of Workshop:  18 hours
Length of Workshop:    3 days

Description: In spite of what the name might suggest, the Master Teacher Seminar is not so much an assembly of master teachers as it is a group of dedicated educators in search of the master teacher. This seminar is co-sponsored by CTD and Learning Innovations.
Participation is limited to 32 faculty with consideration for equitable college-wide campus and gender representation.  This is an off-site retreat, room assignments will be made by CTD

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Professional Development Credit.


 As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify new ideas and resources for teaching and learning
  • Celebrate teaching and the role of the teacher
  • Develop a new professional goal
  • Enjoyed continued collegiality with the network established during the workshop



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Registration information
Course ID: - CTD0480
Course Title: Master Teacher
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How to Register:

Please complete the form below and fax it to Greg Sharp, 7-0958 Room 6324 Kendall Campus

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