Workshop:  New Employee Orientation

Course ID - CTD0832

Short Title:  Orientation/Staff

Audience:   Faculty, Staff, Administrators
Length of Workshop:    3 hours
Prerequisite None

This monthly program is designed so that new employees on each campus have immediate training in the information that will enable them to be effective at their jobs. It will include information on the College; the Campus; mission, values, policies, and procedures; work expectations; opportunities for personal and professional development; and departments that provide services to  the whole Campus (Security, Campus Services, Quick Copy, etc.).  It will also allow the new employees to meet other employees and to develop a sense of belonging to the Campus.



 As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and uphold the College Mission, Values, and Vision
  • Identify individuals in the District and Campus administration
  • Describe the Campus student characteristics
  • Implement the goal of excellent service to the internal and external community
  • Find the locations of key offices on the Campus (Administrative Offices, Security, Campus Services, Quick Copy, Cafeteria, Book Store, etc.)
  • Describe general work expectations
  • Take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities 
  • Use the Employee Handbook Link
  • Create a network with other employees
  • Feel a sense of belonging to the College and Campus
  • Answer questions about the College and Campus



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