Welcome to the new CTD Registration and Workshop Catalog.    

New Features:

Go to Schedule/ Registration Page -

You can also see a list of all CTD workshops on the CTD Catalog. If you find something of interest, return to the Schedule to see if it is currently offered


See Help for Step-by-step instructions.













See Steps below       See video demo (coming)

From the Search Schedule Screen:

1) Search for Workshops by Keyword, Ref. No or Course Id.  

1) Category and Audience are optional. By default the system will search all Categories and all Audiences.    Below is the current list of Categories.

Other Optional Filters:

Check the box to view only Online workshops OR .. filter by  FPD workshops

You can also combine search filters such as all workshops at just one Campus or FPD workshops at one or more Campuses.


Search Results

After Search criteria has been selected and the Search Classes button has been clicked, you will see the Search Results Page

In this example CTD0320 was selected as the Search Criteria and it is showing two workshops.    Both Reference numbers that are currently offered (in this example) are showing twice because CTD0320 is tagged to appear under two Categories.

To get more information about the Workshop or to add it to the Shopping Cart, click the Reference number next to the Workshop to go to the Class Detail Screen.


Class Detail Screen

The Class Detail Screen provides all the information about this workshop session including

  • Description
  • Date/time or Online information
  • Instructor
  • Objectives
  • Special Notes


To Register for this workshop, first click the Add Class to Shopping Cart button.


You can continue "shopping" for other workshops or Complete the Registration process.





Complete Registration Process,

 Click the Go to Register button from Shopping Cart




Register for all Workshops in Cart.

Clicking this button will register you for all Workshops in your Cart.    If you want to remove anything from your Cart,  click Remove Class from Shopping Cart before your click the Register button.


Note: Be sure your are logged on to the computer you are using prior to Registering.

If you are off campus, you will be prompted to logon using :



Once you have registered, your Schedule is available from the tab at the top of the screen.