Using the Internet to check your mail off campus

One of the services now available to all employees of the college who are using Microsoft Outlook is the ability to check your email and calendar from home or anywhere that you have internet/web access.

The process is simple if you already use Netscape or Internet Explorer (IE) for surfing the web. All you need is the special Web address


After entering the web address press the enter key, and the Outlook Email Web Access page should be displayed. This page will have one space where you can fill in your Login Name. Type your login name and press the enter key




A grey dialog box will display that again asks for your user name (same as Login Name), but this time also needs to have your password. This is the same as you use when logging in to the campus network.



After you enter name and password, press the enter key, or mouse click OK, and Microsoft Outlook Web Access should be displayed. It should look a lot like what you see on campus when using Microsoft Outlook, except it is displayed in the Netscape or IE Browser.

You can read and answer messages, manage your calendar, and compose and send new messages, as if you were in your office. One component that is not available is the address book, so you will need to know the email address of the person to whom you want to send a message.

If you use this process from a public place, it is very important that you be sure to exit entirely from Netscape or Internet Explorer to prevent someone else from using your account.

If you have questions or comments about this process, please contact your campus network department helpdesk or College Training and Development.

Charlie Howse, Director, Campus Network Services, Medical Center Campus