CT&D: Tutorials

Level One - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are offered as CT&D Workshops thorough Online training. These workshops are self-paced and are scheduled each term. See links below to register.

CTD0100 - Word Basics

CTD0200 - Excel Basics

CTD0140 - PowerPoint Basics

MDC employees also have access to a wide variety of videos and tutorials for computer applications, digital grahics, network and server administration through Skillport Training and Lynda.com

See Online Learning Page for options and how to get strated.


Online Workshops

Do you need to learn one of the collegewide applications but can't come to a CT&D workshop right now?

Do you already know an application but want to learn how to use some of the intermediate or advanced features?

Do you need to take a course for your job that is not offered as a regular CTD workshop?

Why don't you try one of the new CT&D tutorials that you can access from your Web browser right now?

 If you need a quieter place to work and would like to have someone around to help you if you get stuck, please come to the CTD training lab on your campus during open lab hours

Contact Rhonda Berger -- rberger@mdc.edu for more information.



Other Resources

HTML, XML, Javascript, SQL, PHP, ASP and more - - W32schools