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Blogs and Wikis in the Classroom
Conversation Leaders: Millie Roquetta, Social Science Faculty, Kendall; Jennie Saxton, Librarian, Kendall; Judith Garcia, ESL/Foreign Languages, Kendall; Marlene Morales, Education, InterAmerican
Date: 10/18/06
Time: Noon - 1 pm
Reference: 397822
What are Blogs? What are Wikis? How are they being used in the Classroom? How can "Social software" such as this enhance communication inside and outside of the classroom?

Flashlight Online Surveys:
Conversation Leaders: Michaela Tomova, Courtyard Director, Homestead;Rhonda Berger, CT
Date: 11/3/06
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Reference: 411410
Flashlight Online is a Web-based service for creating, administering, and analyzing surveys of all types. The system has special assets for studies in education, especially educational uses of technology.  MDC has a site license for Flashlight Online. This webcast will provide an overview and some MDC examples.

Faculty Web Page Demos
Conversation Leaders: Ana Corrales, Business, North; TBA
Date: 11/17/06
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm
Reference: 411411
Instructors will demonstrate how they use their Faculty Web Pages to provide resources, links, review material and more for use inside and outside the classroom.

Semester Wrap-up
Conversation Leaders: Rene Izquierdo, ESL/Foreign Languages, Kendall; Rolando Garcia, CTD
Date: 12/1/06
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Description - This session will show how to use Excel to create a Quick and Easy Gradebook then access the Web Grade Entry rosters.









The goal of the Web Conversation series is to create an informal forum for the sharing of expertise and ideas for the classroom. Two or three “conversation leaders” will share what they are doing in the classroom on the selected topic and participate in a question and answer session. Web Conversations will be delivered via WebCast and will be available from any location.

How to Participate:

All you need is an Internet-connected computer and phone. Please register for the Conversations using the Reference Numbers listed under each topic. Click the link below and log on using your regular userid and password.

Prior to the workshop, you will be sent a reminder with a link to the Conversation Room, phone number and pin for the phone bridge. That information is also below:

Web Conversation Room - Click the Participant button and logon using your first and last name. You do not need a username and password.

Phone Bridge: Dial 7-2955
PIN: 814837

Is your computer ready? Run the Horizon Wimba Live Classroom Setup Wizard before entering for the first time.

Please let us know if you have an topic you would like to see offered as a Web Conversation, please email rberger@mdc.edu

If you would like to participate as a Web Conversation leader, or would like to suggest someone else, please let us know.