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Anyone who has taken a WebCT workshop can request a course using the link below. If you have not completed a workshop, but have experience with WebCT or someone has agreed to help you, please contact the Technology Trainer/Instructional Designer for your campus about a required Check list.

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Course options:

Multiple sections of your course in one WebCT course: Advantages - edits and additions to course are made only one time. Students can communicate with others in the same course but in different sections. Disadvantages - Since there is only one Calendar and one Assignment Drop box, due dates might be confusing. If this option is selected, you should require Reference number on Self-Registration so you will be able to sort your Gradebook. See instructions.

One WebCT course for each section: Advantages - Calendar and Assignment Drop box are unique for each section. Disadvantages - Any changes to the course would need to made to all WebCT courses. It this option is selected your course will be listed as A, B, etc instead of Reference number so they can be reused each term.



Testing Tutorial - download both files

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Helpful links

Student Help

Browser Tune-up - Important for students AND designers.  Be sure to link to this page or give the same information to your students in some fashion.  This is better than Excedrin for the headaches it will cure.

Student Tour  - from WebCT - not really a tour - but a list of icons with some explanation.  Might be helpful for your students.  You can link to this site if you like it.

Common Plug-ins  - some courses might require additional software to be installed.  This list includes common plug-ins that are free on the Internet and easy to install. 

Home Grown Resources and Handouts

  • Tips from Teachers 
  • Resource Page  - just a start, please add links
  • Add your Resource (add a link)
  • Student Resource page  
  • What's new in 3.0 - Rickelle Blanco  - This PowerPoint presentation will open in a browser window in Internet Explorer.  If you want to see it full screen, right-click on the screen after it opens and choose Full Screen
  • Web Strategies - Kristi Lozano - Start here for a wealth of ideas for adding interactivity to your course including Web Cams, Virtual Field trips, simulations, games and more.
  • Interacting with Others on the Web  - Judy Garcia's page of Tools to add Chat, Discussions and more to Web Pages  
  • Improving Online Discussion - George Emerson - hints and tips from one of our online "Veterans"
  • Discussion Points - George Emerson - Examples of how a rubric is used for awarding points for participation in online discussions.
  • Compelling Web sites  -   Melinda Prague -a few of the Web sites used for Enhancing instruction with Web sites and activities.  (From Conference Day Presentation 2001)
  • How to Prepare to Take an Online course   - Millie Roqueta - this handout prepares the Virtual College student for an online course including, Geting Ready, Finding the Class, Interacting with Others and more.  Although much of this is specific to Professor Roqueta's class, she will be glad to share some of the ideas that can be adapted into your own "Before the first class" handout.
  • How to Use Backflip - an introduction courtesy of Alliance+ and  Jorge Salinas and Melinda Prague 

Handouts/training resources


WebCT Resources and Articles

Download Respondus  - inside MDC only

Download StudyMate - inside MDC only

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