Reference Books
Locating Reference Resources
The most current and popular reference resources are kept in the
Reference Area on the second floor of the Kendall Campus Library.
We keep them there because they are used so often by so many
This is also the reason they can not be checked out like regular books.

DICTIONARIES give definitions, spellings, and pronunciations of words.

ENCYCLOPEDIAS give comprehensive background information about various
topics, and are good to use when starting research.

ALMANACS give lists of statistics and specific facts and are usually only one
volume long.
The World Almanac and Book of Facts, kept at the
Reference Desk, contains such things as lists of Olympic Medal winners.

BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARIES give brief background information on  
important  people, such as their birth and death dates, significant  
accomplishments and contributions.  Often these books are called
"Directories" or Who's Who.

ATLASES are books of maps. They can be maps of physical places and             
abstract concepts such as weather patterns, population statistics or world
migration.  Most Atlases are kept in the Reference Area in large bookcases.
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