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Guaranteed Benefits

The Florida Statewide Articulation Agreement guarantees admission to the upper division at a state college or university when you earn an A.A. degree. However, admission to the college or university of your choice is not guaranteed. More information about Florida’s transfer policies can be found on the Florida Department of Education's Pathway to Success document.

Additional benefits include:

  • Admission priority
  • Junior standing when transferring to a State University System institution in Florida
  • Waiver of freshman admission standards such as SAT/ACT scores
  • Waiver of General Education Core requirements.

Associate in Arts

Graduating with an Associate in Arts degree guarantees MDC graduates the following benefits:

  • Admission priority when applying to institutions in Florida’s State University System over those students seeking to transfer prior to completing their Associate’s degree.
  • Junior standing when transferring to a State University System institution in Florida or other institutions that have articulation agreements with MDC as long as program/major’s prerequisites have been met.
  • Exemption from freshman admission standards such as SAT/ACT scores
  • No additional General Education requirements.

Associate in Science

Graduating with an Associate in Science degree enables students to transfer those credits to specific Baccalaureate degrees. Visit the State of Florida’s Career Ladder Agreements for a list of articulated A.S. degree programs.

  • The Career Ladder Agreements integrate specific A.S. degree programs with identified baccalaureate degree programs statewide. Each A.S. degree program must meet specific requirements as prescribed in the agreement. Public postsecondary institutions are required to honor the transfer of credit toward the specified baccalaureate degree.
  • Graduates of a Florida College System institution A.S. degree program with an agreement that is documented and maintained in the statewide agreements will be granted admission to a public postsecondary institution in the program designated to articulate with their degree, except for limited access programs and those requiring specific grades on particular courses for admission.
  • Courses taken as part of the A.S. degree to meet the general education requirements will transfer and apply toward the thirty-six (36) general education credit hours required for the baccalaureate degree.
  • No additional general education credit hours can be required except to complete the total thirty-six (36) general education hours.

In addition, MDC offers a variety of baccalaureate programs that provide a seamless transfer pathway for A.S. degree graduates. A.S. degree graduates can enter the following Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs with junior standing at MDC, provided the appropriate admission requirements are met: