Transfer Information

Explore MDC’s Partnering Colleges & Universities

MDC has formal agreements in place with more than 60 colleges and universities throughout the United States and the world. These agreements serve to support MDC graduates in the transfer process.  Many agreements obtain specific benefits to MDC students including application fee waivers, scholarship incentives, 2+3 programs (i.e. Bachelors to Masters programs) and MAP’s that are specific to particular majors.

Your Home is MDC! Stay at MDC for the balance of your studies.

Visit the MDC Baccalaureate Degree Programs page for details on the growing number of programs including:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • STEM
  • Film, Television, & Digital Production

MDC offers a number of Baccalaureate degree programs that provide a seamless transfer pathway for A.S. graduates.

Transfer-planning materials for students