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Deciding on a Senior Institution

Students attending a community college for the purpose of transferring should consider all their options and all of the admission variables. Each senior institution is different from all the others, and admission to various majors is going to be different from school to school.

The most important factor in deciding which senior institution to attend is YOU! Consider location, size, cost, reputation, etc., and how important each of these factors are for you. There are many more college choices available to you than you may think. Make sure you speak with an advisor to determine all of your possibilities.

Transfer Considerations

During your sorting out process, you may find the answers to the following questions beneficial:

  1. Does the school offer the program and minimum degree necessary for me to attain employment in my chosen career field?
  2. What program of study or specific curriculum, should I complete at the community college prior to my transfer?
  3. What was the average GPA of last year’s admitted class? (This will allow you to establish your target performance level).
  4. Is there an advantage to applying early and what is my most advantageous date for filing my application?
  5. Is there a quota or limit on the number of transfer admissions into my chosen program? Must I complete certain classes before I can be considered for admission to my major field of study?
  6. Must I establish a GPA at the transfer institution prior to being considered for admission to my major field of study?
  7. Are there work or volunteer experiences I could have that would advance my admission to the program I wish to enter?
  8. What other mandatory expenses might I incur, beyond tuition? (i.e. registration fee, health services fee, parking fee, etc.)
  9. Are additional financial aid opportunities available through my major department and how do I qualify for these opportunities?
  10. What is the job placement record in my field of study and to what level does grade performance affect my placement potential?
  11. What is the transfer school’s history in relation to graduate school admission?