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Gordon Rule

Gordon Rule Course Evaluation Form

Date Submitted:

Requested Date:

Course Name:

Course Number:

This course is an:

Addition Removal

Please respond to the following points in writing:

  1. Faculty capabilities in response to opting in or out of this course?

  2. The benefits to students, department and college?

  3. Impact on department and enrollment? Please provide statistical data and copies of reports.

  4. Reason for change request?

  5. What is the result of this change in course outcomes and core competencies?

  6. What is the student success data for the current course?

Include the following information with this form:

  • Current course outcomes
  • Current course description
  • Current core competencies
  • Survey of Florida schools on the same course with similarities and differences
  • Official academic discipline response to this request
  • If Opting Out - Several examples of current Gordon Rule writing assignments and student papers (Minimum of 5 assignments and 10 papers per assignment for a total of 50)

***Committee will respond in writing to the original request. The committee’s recommendations will be made to the Academic Leadership Council and, if approved, it will be forwarded for consideration by the Campus and College wide CASSC. Form: Gordon Rule Course Evaluation Form: Version 3 - 6.5.07

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