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Gordon Rule


Choose a feature film from the list provided in the HUM 1020 syllabus. These films have been selected by your instructor for their portrayal of historical and artisit issues explored in the course. Once you have viewed the film, write a 500-word analytical essay which will focus on what you think is the central idea conveyed in the film. Do NOT write a report on the artist, a historical period, or an artistic movement or summarize the plot.

Your analytical response should address the following subjects:

  1. What is the central idea conveyed by the film?
  2. How is this central idea presented? You might want to address one or several of the following elements:
    1. Through the use of plot?
    2. Through characterization?"
    3. Through cinematography?
    4. Through costumes?
  3. Which are the historical/cultural values that the film explores and why?