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Beauty and the Beast: The Triumph of Love

The film Beauty and the Beast depicts the story of a beautiful young lady, Belle, who committed her life to an ugly Beast to save her father from death. Belle, in her simplicity requests a rose from her father on his leaving for a journey; however this rose as simple as it appears will cost Belle her freedom. Inspired by the characteristics of the art movement known as Surrealism, the viewer is brought into a world of imagination and dream. Nevertheless, while the movie is pure fantasy, it portrays the insight of the human soul with its heights and depths in terms of virtue, goodness, and ugliness.

Throughout the movie, Belle is portrayed as a woman with a great virtue that makes her beautiful as inside than outside. For instance, when her father loses his riches, Belle, agrees to do household chores with a lot of humanity and willingness. She never complains about the situation and doesn't lament on her loss. Also, she is very caring and compassionate. When her father announces that he has to return to the Beast's palace to condemn to death, Beauty can't accept that. As overwhelming as the situation is, she offers herself to live with Beast instead, if that can save her father's life. When she gets to Beast's magic castle, she tries to repress the repulsion that his hideous appearance inspires. Her kindness allows her to see the goodness in Beast rather than the horrible appearance everybody sees. When Beast tells her that he is a monster with a good heart, she replies, "There are men far more monstrous than you though they conceal it well." In fact, Belle becomes friendly with Beast to the point of waiting for the time to be with him. A very poignant scene in the movie is when she offers him. her hands to drink water without any disgust. In addition, Belle is very honest; when Beast offers her the key of his treasure and tells her he would die if he didn't come back to her and that his treasure would become hers, Belle could take advantage of the situation by causing Beast's death and becoming rich. Instead, she kept her word and returned to the castle. She would rather stay poor than causing harm to the poor Beast.

In this fashion, the film depicts Beast with an ugly appearance, but with a beautiful inside. Since the very beginning, Beast has been very kind. When Belle's father stole his rose, he agrees to give him a second chance by accepting that he brings one of his daughters. Being transformed in a Beast could bring frustration and make him cruel, yet he shows kindness to people. Belle acknowledges his kindness by giving this touching testimony to her father, "He is more cruel to himself than with human beings." Furthermore, he shows a lot of generosity by telling Belle everything in the palace belongs to her. A case in point of his generosity is when he offers the key to his treasure to Belle without any regret. Also, when Belle begs him to let her go spend a week with her father, he consents even if he is afraid that Belle might not come back. Moreover, in spite Belle keeps telling him she will never accept to be his wife, he is still nice with her and satisfies all her wishes. Indeed, he treats Belle like a queen, "It is I who should knee and take orders from you," said Beast when Belle kneeled in front of him to let her go for a while. In fact, his good heart is what makes Belle fall in love for him and breaks the spell which he has been the victim.

Finally, the film focuses on the ugliness side of the human heart. In the movie, Belle's sisters are so cruel they become repulsive even if they are not ugly in appearance. Unlike Belle, they are so cruel they become repulsive even if they are not ugly in appearance. Unlike Belle, they are swollen with pride. They show no understanding when their father lost his riches; they keep complaining about their fate and insist that Belle does everything for them. In addition, they are so selfish that they demand that their father brings them all kinds of gifts on his voyage without thinking his money might not be enough. Also, they are very hypocrite and jealous; when Beauty visits them, they don't show any happiness that Beast treats her well, "That little fool is happier than we are. She is rich," utter them spitefully. Therefore, they make her believe that they can't live without her to make her stay longer and lose Beast's sympathy. In fact, all they wanted to do is getting the key given to her by Beast and go to the castle to steal the diamond. Their greediness leads them to a plot with Avenant, handsome man with an ugly heart like them, to kill Beast and take his possessions. Ironically, little do they know what the magic castle reserved for them; Avenant paid the price and became the monster.

The movie, although it is pure fantasy reminds the viewer of the beauty and the ugliness side of the human soul. Being humble, kind, and caring are inner qualities that result in the love between Belle and Beast and allows Beast to regain his human form and marries Belle. The real and more important beauty is the inside.