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Van Gogh is a film played in the country side of Paris. A country side name Ouvers Sur Foie. The movie is bringing in periodinc life style they used to live before in Paris. Men and women are dressed like covers from head to toes. Women dressing with a long dresses and compare to men they're always dressing in a suit. How their life styles is free and different from here today.

Vincent is a common artist who's a painter. He paints different factors like nature and human body. Their life style is country way, they danced on the sunny daylight by the lake and, them washing their clothes in a different way by damping them. Marguerite is a young lady who's mother passed away, her father is wealthy man who's doctor who's been giving aids to Vincent since arrived to his house. The actor is telling about the country side if early time of Paris. The way they were cleaning themselves was with a towel, at this time they weren't using a tub. Van Gogh is a film of modernization where they never use a phone or neither have a television.

Vincent is a good paint who never took his life in serious matter and on the other side his brother Theo is married man with a newborn baby who's conducting his pretty nice in Paris Marguerite is gifted like playing piano. This film is bringing the audience different point of view where people didn't invented any new technology they didn't have any radio to listen to the news. The costumes of the characters was a style of the modern age in Paris, the characers was wearing long shirt up their feet with barets in their hair. Marguerite is falling love with Vincent but, her father was opposed to that because of the low class is Vincent but Marguerite is stubborn of waht her father is saying. This movie was cinemagraghs in early 1850s and, took place in the eastern country village of Paris where people were only traveling in train a mile from each other. Vincent was shouted by the lake the ambulance was the cart that the horse is attached to, the author is giving us the some details about how transportation is circulates from place to another how they were communicating with people. In this periodic time the French people were very educating concerning education it was just different style of way how they were living, wealthy men was bringing the teachers to their home for the kids to be taught. Servants weer treating the right way they were also accompanied at the diner table with others. And the that catches my attention is that their very creative with their selves means that they sings to each others saying poems and also, take form of other characters.

In overall, the author was presented to us the way people from this time was converted how the way they're dress how they were living without apparel like radio television cars etc...and over all from my point of view the French living style was much more compare to what we are having right now. Because the artificial is killing the nature what we have right is more technology everything is by machine so however, the author is taking us where the country life is better without all those technology that we are carrying this days.