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The Illusionist: searching for reality behind the image

The illusionist a movie full of surprises, takes you back to kind of what la belle epoque was, which Was a time of harmony where the rich rule, and pretended to have an image of what was not. But this Movie apart from having magic tricks, it also tells a love story which makes it romantic. It is so ironic How the illusionist resembles la belle epoque in the use of power by the higher classes. It shows how the appearance of the high society is not always what it seems to be. But the illusionist tells how the poor have more fun, and winning is an option for those who seek it.

This story takes place in a society where the rich had the power over the poor, poor people could Not marry high class aristocracy. But for eisenheim all his money problems changed when he was Taught by a magician in the streets. He was then separated from his beloved duchess, but this love Story didn't end there. Magicians as they were famous in la belle epoque, were emerging too in this Movie where eisenheim the illusionist was becoming famous in Vienna for his magic tricks, and his illusions. Not until prince Leopold came with his new fiancee he saw his beloved duchess, this is where all the complot of beign together started

It is so ironic how love makes you do things that you can't explained, how this movie emphasizes when eisenheim plans an escape with the duchess. Even though when prince Leopold try to stop her she had the courage to face him. But he killed because she love eisimheim the illusionist, he fell into a deeply dark hole of depression. After losing his job at the theater where he started a new job with dark stuff. He did a show about ghosts that appear in stage and was to be from the dead, lots of people attended to the show wandering if is another illusion. Not until prince Leopold came and was accused by the ghost of the Dutch, until one day the officer came and try to arrested him, but this time he was one of the ghosts and then disappear.

This is the lie behind the truth where not everything is not what it seems just in like belle epoque. Even though the appearance may seem one thing is not what always seem, just like in the illusionist. When the Dutch was found dead indeed she wasn't because she had taken a potion to be dead, and the part of the theater where he disappear it was just an illusion. But the most important part was when they get to meet at the end living everything behind. This is just like the story of Romeo and Juliet where everything was risk for their love.