Blockchain and Digital Assets - Technology



Blockchain Fundamentals & Intro To Ethereum

A course that will help the learner to understand the capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology, enabling the learner to assess which business problems it can solve. The course covers the technical background of this distributed ledger to the fundamentals of Ethereum.


Blended / 16 hours / Foundational

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Blockchain Development In Solidity

Students will get introduced to fundamental blockchain programming concepts. The course will cover Blockchain Application Development skills, creating smart contracts, interactions with the Ethereum network, building user interfaces, and deploying the application to the internet.


Blended / 32 hours / Foundational


MiamiCoin Developers Camp

This course is built to help all levels achieve working proficiency with the Clarity smart contract language. In addition to the hands-on, conversations with the designers of the language and the most exciting companies using Clarity for the MiamiCoin project.

Blended / 6 weeks / Foundational

Blockchain & Crypto Assets - Business


Crypto Fundamentals

This is a series of courses, to expose the learner to hands-on experience on crypto-related topics. The course covers the following topics: cryptocurrencies fundamentals, introduction to wallets to store crypto, NFT's fundamentals, how to create one, and how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Blended / 16 hours / Foundational

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Blockchain And Business Use Cases

Students will get introduced to fundamental blockchain programming concepts. The course will cover Blockchain Application Development skills, creating smart contracts, interactions with the Ethereum network, building user interfaces, and deploying the application to the internet.


Blended / 16 hours / Foundational

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Blockchain For The Financial Services

An understanding of FinTech now leveraged by blockchain provides insights on new ways to transact, develop efficiency and implement within the current standards of the financial sector.

Blended / 12 hours / Foundational


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Introduction to Email Marketing

This bootcamp will teach students how to use MailChimp for email marketing such as creating email list, creating signup forms, adding signup forms to the website and social media, creating marketing campaigns and sending emails. Additionally, students will learn how to read reports and analytics, how to work with integrations and how to grab subscribers from other platforms.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

This bootcamp style course will introduce students to the basics of digital marketing analytics and help them understand how to use data to ensure their marketing is effective. It will introduce the student to Google Analytics as a tool and how to use data to drive a digital business and marketing campaigns.

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Customer Relationship Management

This bootcamp will teach students about Customer Relationship Management with the powerful software Salesforce CRM. This tool helps in dealing with daily business processes like managing Projects, Tasks, Campaigns, Emails, Support Centre, Sales Funnels etc. The bootcamp introduces students to CRM concepts & the application of Salesforce CRM to business.

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Digital Advertising with Google

This course will introduce students to Google Ads and how to create successful campaigns to reach new customers and grow a business. Students will work on Google Ads, Google's online advertising platform. Students will learn how to drive qualified traffic, or best-fit customers to a business while customers are searching on Google, for products and services.

Financial Services

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Introduction to Technical Analysis and Trading

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of buying and selling various types of financial instruments using technical analysis. The professor will utilize the financial technology of the BIT Center Bloomberg to describe the various tools used in technical analysis. After finalizing this course, the student should be able to trade using technical analysis and have a clear understanding of going long and short. A great way to begin managing your own money.

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Investment Fundamentals and Practice

This bootcamp will introduce students to the basics of financial analysis, risk management, trading and investment process. Students will also be able to learn about different asset classes and the link between macroeconomics and capital markets. During this class, professors will use the resources available through the Business, Innovation and Technology Center at MDC (BIT), including our newly-launched BIT Financial Technology & Trading Room, which includes a Bloomberg Terminal.

Business Analytics

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Introduction to Business Analytics and Visualization

This workshop will offer students a hands-on introduction to business analytics and explore key ideas, computer skills, and statistical thinking. Students taking this course will develop a basic working knowledge of how to use Tableau and Microsoft Power BI for visual analysis.

Project Management

PM Google

Project Management Certificate by Google

Get started in the high-growth field of project management with a professional certificate developed by Google.

Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver something of value to people. ... Leading these projects are Project Professionals—people who either intentionally or by circumstance are asked to ensure that a project team meets its goals.

We are excited to recruit a limited number of qualified applicants to be accepted into the first cohort of this exclusive, free program sponsored by Google and offered at Business Innovation & Technology Center.

Supply Chain

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Understanding the e-Commerce Revolution

e-Commerce growth represent one of the biggest opportunities in the coming years. With consumer behavior changing and COVID19 accelerating adoption of online sales channels, this bootcamp will introduce you to all the concepts of e-Commerce, sales channels, payments, data & analytics as well as business plan to build a successful business or transform an existing one. Many companies and professional are currently going through this transformation and this course will give you a strong understanding of the concepts, tools & skills needed to be successful in the new normal of online sales.

Abstract of a person holding a tablet with an image of shipping with a global map in the background

The Future of Supply Chain

Supply chain management is the industry that "moves the world." Want to be part of it? This bootcamp is an introduction to the fascinating world of supply chain management. As people buy more online and our world is digitized, supply chains play an increasing role fin businesses across all industries. Retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies are scrambling to adjust to the new landscape and consumer expectations. This supply chain management bootcamp is made up of 5 key components: logistics, operations, planning, sourcing and technologies.

Business and Technology for Entrepreneurs

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Business and Technology Essentials for Entrepreneurs

In today's digital era, technology has augmented the essential skills required by successful entrepreneurs. Whether you are managing a start-up or an established business, technology has changed consumers’ decision-making process and interaction with the supply chain. This course is a bootcamp format to learn or refresh the essential business skills leveraging technology. Specifically, we will cover the essentials of: 1) developing a competitive advantage with interactive industry profitability benchmarks, 2) designing a digital marketing strategy that includes social media, search engine optimization, and Google Analytics, 3) managing your sales process using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) such as, 4) evaluating accounting, inventory and financial statements using QuickBooks and other accounting platforms, 5) evaluating operations management and integrating to the supply chain’s underlying technology, 6) human resources tools to attract, manage, and retain the best people.

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Applications and Automation with No Programming

This boot camp will teach students how to build and validate ideas without code. There is a rising trend and availability of no-code tools. Whether you're a maker and want to create an minimum viable product (MVP) and test your product, already run an online business or work as influencer, or lead sales and marketing — there has never been a better time to learn about automations and no-code tools.