Meeting rooms

The aim of the Miguel B. Fernandez Family School of Global Business, Trade & Transportation is to explore how new and emerging technologies disrupt existing business practices and create opportunities for students. The Business Innovation and Technology Center is a step towards achieving this goal by combining state-of-the-art tools, industry expertise and strong curriculum pedagogy.  

The BIT Center, located at the Wolfson campus with satellite locations in Kendall and North, focuses on the study areas of Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, Logistics and Accounting through the use of three labs:

  • The Digital Medial and Social Marketing Lab
  • Financial Technologies and Trading Lab
  • The Business Analytics Application Lab

The labs function as hubs for exploration and innovation as well as classroom settings. All labs feature the latest software tools in the financial service industry, in digital marketing and in business analytics to provide students with practical hands-on experience in developing the most current and in-demand skills required by industry.

High Performance Collaboration

Young professionals in a meeting roomThe facilities feature the Mezzanine system from Oblong Industries, which enables presentation and collaborative capabilities, adding a new dimension to innovation in teaching methodologies. With its multi-screen and multi-stream user experience, Mezzanine allows information to be easily shared, moved, and reorganized seamlessly in a way that facilitates the understanding of complex challenges. Through this technology, the BIT Center will change how students learn and better position them to manage evolving technologies as they enter the workplace.

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Conference room
Computer lab and workspace
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