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The Business Innovation and Technology Center at Miami Dade College provides industry certifications to empower students, faculty, and staff by offering practical skills essential for real-world job performance, validation of these skills, and an added boost on their resumes.

Awarded by leading organizations, certifications validate individuals' ability to use specific technologies or skills in the workplace without the need for additional training. Typically earned post-education or through experience gained from internships, residencies, or employment, certifications signify proficiency and readiness for the job market.

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Bloomberg Certifications

Getting Started on the Bloomberg Terminal


For more than twenty years, Bloomberg for Education has been committed to helping universities and colleges incorporate Bloomberg terminal into their academic programs to better prepare students for the global job market. This Terminal provides information on every asset class, from fixed income to equities, foreign exchange to commodities. 

Visit The BIT Center to learn more about this program, its content, and the Bloomberg course format. Students earning Bloomberg certificates can access Bloomberg terminals at MDC campuses, including Wolfson, Kendall, and North. 

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC Certification) 

(Approx 8 hours to complete the course)

This self-paced e-learning course offers an interactive introduction to the financial markets by leveraging the capabilities of the Bloomberg Terminal.

Bloomberg Finance Fundamentals Certificate

(Approx 10 hours to complete the course)

Bloomberg Finance Fundamentals (BFF) is a self-paced, interactive e-learning course geared towards introducing essential finance and investment concepts. Through real-life scenarios portrayed from diverse professional perspectives, participants develop financial management skills and gain insights into various career opportunities within the finance sector.

Bloomberg ESG Certificate

(Approx 7 - 8 hours to complete the course)

The Bloomberg ESG course is a self-paced e-learning program designed to instruct learners on implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies and creating ESG reports for regulatory purposes. The course adopts the perspective of a buy-side asset management firm.

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 Bloomberg 6/3


Hootsuite Certification

The course empowers you to maximize the effectiveness of your social media endeavors by mastering core Hootsuite products. Through this certification, you'll gain the skills needed to elevate your social media impact, achieve tangible results, and demonstrate a return on investment (ROI).

Hootsuite social marketing

The Social Media Marketing Certification Course equips participants with fundamental social marketing skills aimed at expanding followers, enhancing engagement, and driving business outcomes. Developed in collaboration with social media marketing experts and professionals, this industry-recognized course provides marketers with practical skills to implement strategies effectively, yielding immediate results.

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HubSpot Inbound Sales Certifications

Design for small businesses that want to grow their sales through an inbound strategy. HubSpot Academy's Inbound Sales Certification Course offers the opportunity to revolutionize your sales approach. Learn to captivate, interact, and satisfy customers through tailored outreach and investigative discussions that yield outcomes. Enhance your abilities to deliver compelling sales pitches that inspire prospects to make purchases. Enroll now to refine your sales expertise and achieve certification in Inbound Sales.

HubSpot Marketing Software

Explore the basics of an inbound business model and uncover how Marketing Hub can expand your customer reach. Master the effective utilization of Marketing Hub, including crafting personalized web and email content, harnessing segmentation, and automation tools, and leveraging HubSpot software kits to realize your marketing objectives.

Dive into HubSpot’s campaigns tool and contacts database, understanding the significance of segmentation, and mastering customer interaction management for enhanced customer acquisition.

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hubspot 6/3