Earth Ethics Institute

Earth Ethics Institute Resources LibGuide

Our Library Guide (LibGuide) houses relevant resources including GSELS resources, EEI history, recommended reading, viewing, podcasts, and online resources, and more!

Campus Learning Community

The Campus Learning Community (CLC) and Symposium is a collaborative effort hosted by Earth Ethics Institute (EEI) and the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy (iCED) that explores a different UN Sustainable Development Goal each academic year. The CLC welcomes participants from all campuses, disciplines and backgrounds via online activities and engagements taking place throughout the semester and culminating in an end-of-semester symposium that can feature presentations by students, faculty and community partners, film screenings and discussions, and other activities and creative outputs.

The CLC LibGuide houses all information for the current semester's CLC theme and events, as well as archived information for past terms and additional relevant information for each UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Resilience & Earth Literacy Blog

The Resilience & Earth Literacy blog features MDC students, faculty, and staff writing about and sharing resources related to Earth Literacy, sustainability, and resilience. 

The Changemaker Hub

Connect with all things Changemaking at MDC and over 100 non-profit community partners through the Changemaker Hub! Academic service-learning, the Civic Action Scorecard, GSELS classes, special events and more can be found here! Contact any of the Earth Ethics Institute staff for assistance with the Changemaker Hub. 

GSELS Projects Showcase

The Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies (GSELS) Projects Showcase at Kendall Campus is an event organized and hosted by MDC's Earth Ethics Institute each semester. Students in GSELS-designated classes present and share their research projects, artwork, designs, models, and performance pieces, all focusing on an array of sustainability and Earth Literacy topics.

Kendall Campus Sustainability Committee

The Kendall Campus Sustainability Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to enhancing learning and changemaking related to environmental sustainability and Earth Literacy.

North Campus Sustainability Team

The North Campus Sustainability Team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to promoting Earth Literacy. Together, the North Campus Sustainability Team coordinates events which are aimed towards educating and inspiring actions that promote sustainability, conservation, and resiliency.


Padrón Campus Sustainability

PadrĂ³n Campus Sustainability involves an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are dedicated to enhancing learning and changemaking related to environmental sustainability and earth literacy.