Kendall Campus

Kendall Campus Writing Lounge is located in building 2000 / Room 2236 and provides students with individual support for all courses that require writing.

With its professional, experienced, and friendly staff, this lab allows students to improve in all aspects of their writing, a necessity for the attainment of academic success. The Kendall Campus Writing Lounge does not provide editing services; we are a learning facility.

How can our writing support specialists help students?

  • One-on-one live tutoring on any writing assignment
  • Thirty-minute sessions
  • Help at any point in the writing process
  • Great for writers of all levels and in all academic disciplines
  • Assist students with developing and organizing ideas for essays
  • Guide students with developing editing skills
  • Review papers for structure and grammar
  • Assist students with MLA and APA formats
  • Assist students with group projects
  • Assist students with creating essays for college entrance applications

Writing support is offered Monday-Thursday 8 am-8 pm, Friday 8 am-3 pm, and Saturday 9 am-1 pm.


Writing support is also available via online tutoring during the operation hours of the Kendall Writing Lounge. Remote tutoring can be accessed by clicking on the following link

Access Remote Tutoring

Appointments are not necessary for in-person tutoring, but they are highly recommended. Remote tutoring must make an appointment via the Kendall Writing Lounge LibGuide

General Information

Location: Building 2 Room 2236
Phone: 305-237-0813

Lab Guidelines for Students

  • Students who are registered in English courses and students registered in any other courses that require writing may use this lab. Students do not have to pay any additional fees for the use of the KC Academic Writing Support Lab.
  • Tutors provide guidance for students.  Tutors do not proofread or edit papers, but rather show students how to identify and correct mistakes.  They also offer guidance if students need help organizing their papers.
  • Students must sign in and out using a valid MDC identification card.  If students do not have their ID card, they may sign in by manually inputting their valid MDC ID number and showing a picture ID. 
  • Students will not be required to use Turnitin for a tutoring session.  Turnitin is only used at the discretion of the instructor. 
  • Students are permitted to bring a thumb drive with Word documents saved for review.  Documents need to be printed before the tutors will review the documents.  Documents can be printed in the Computer Courtyard.
  • Students using the Academic Support Lab are solely responsible for their belongings.
  • The Academic Support Lab will provide reports as requested by the instructor.
  • Students may get help with group projects.  A designated member of the group may bring in a signed “Group Project Form.”  The entire group project may be presented by the designated student.  The form will be signed by the faculty member. 
  • Students may bring in handwritten essays that have been graded and returned to the student for clarification of errors.
  • Students will silence all cell phones and other electronic devices.  If a student must take a phone call, he/she must do so outside.
  • Students will keep their voice down to an acceptable level.
  • Children are not allowed in the Academic Support Lab under any circumstances.
  • Food and open drink containers are not permitted.

Appointment Guidelines for students:

The tutors at the Kendall Campus Academic Support Lab are here to help students improve their writing skills. Appointments are not required, but are encouraged.  For students without an appointment, tutoring services are offered on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. 

  • Appointments may be made in person or by calling the Academic Support Lab at 305-237-0813.
  • Pending availability, students may see a tutor without an appointment.
  • Students may make an appointment with a specific tutor based on the tutor’s schedule.         
  • Students with appointments will be seen at their scheduled time(s).
  • Students must arrive on time to their appointment.
  • Failure to appear on time may result in the appointment being given to another student.  If a student is late for an appointment, he/she will have to wait until the tutor is available or re-schedule the appointment.
  • If you know in advance that you will not be able to keep an appointment, please call the front desk at 305-237-0813 as soon as possible.