Kendall Campus

Aerial image of Kendall Campus Building G and pool area

About Life Sciences, Health and Wellness at MDC Kendall Campus

Biological Science offices, laboratories, and classrooms are located in Ursina Hall or Building 3. The anatomy and physiology laboratories are well-equipped for the study of human biology.

Biology Resources

student standing in the Math and Science Lab

Math/Science Tutorial Lab

The lab provides tutoring services in all Natural Science courses.

The Audio Visual Media Center

Videotapes and movies are available for student use.

Academic Programs

  • Biology

    Biological scientists study living organisms and their relationship to their environment. Most specialize in some area of biology such as zoology (the study of animals) or microbiology (the study of microscopic organisms).

  • Landscape & Horticulture Technology

    The Landscape & Horticulture Technology Program is the only credit hands-on degree program in ornamental horticulture offered in Miami-Dade County. This program offers two certificates and two Associate in Science Degrees.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Alejandro Viera Department Chair 305-237-2136 3265
Lillian Quintero Assistant to Chair 305-237-2445 3265
Jeannette Arce Department Secretary 305-237-2149 3265
Mary Fortner Biology Lab Manager 305-237-2027 3260
Maria Gonzalez Instructional Assistant II 305-237-0950 Landscape Technology Nursery
Maria Sanchez Carrasco Biology Lab -
Instructional Assistant I
305-237-2027 3260
Prof. Babatunde Amole Microbiology, Anatomy &
305-237-2494 3265-11
Dr. Amarilys Carmona Anatomy & Physiology 305-237-2300 3265-15
Prof. Theresa Chormanski Landscape & Horticulture Technology Director 305-237-2367 3265-02
Dr. Avner Ittah Biology 305-237-2539 3265-08
Prof. David Moore Zoology, General Biology & Biology and Environment 305-237-2315 3265-10
Dr. Alfonso Pino Anatomy & Physiology 305-237-2592 3265-14
Prof. Rosa Polanco-Paula, M.S., R.D, L.D.N., C.D. Nutrition 305-237-2304 3265-13
Dr. Catalina Aristizabal Biology 305-237-2579 3265-03
Dr. Marien Cendon Anatomy & Physiology 305-237-2139 3265-16
Dr. Janet Dowding Biology, Microbiology 305-237-0352 3265-07
Dr. Kendra Merchant Biology, Bachelors 305-237-0956 3265-2
Prof. Meera Nair Microbiology 305-237-2643 3265-03
Dr. Marbelys Pino Biology 305-237-0842 3265-9
Dr. Nidia Romer Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology 305-237-0807 3265-01
Susan Summons Skills and Practice of Basketball, HLP-1080 Health and Fitness 305-237-2378 G-316