Doing Business with MDC

Group of people standing together from the purchasing department

The Purchasing Department at MDC

The Purchasing Department fulfills all of the duties and responsibilities assigned to it in a professional manner both in dealing with College staff and outside businesses. It is the Purchasing Department's duty to assure that items, that are required by the departments, are purchased as expeditiously as possible while adhering to all of the rules and regulations established for procurement by the College, the State and according to good business practices.

Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus 11011 SW 104th St. Room 9454, Miami, FL 33176.
Phone: 305-237-2402
E-mail: purchasing@mdc.edu
Please be aware that all official communications from Miami Dade College will come from an @mdc.edu email address and that we will not request or give detailed bank information in our email communication. When in doubt, please contact the MDC Purchasing department at Purchasing@mdc.edu to verify the authenticity of any message requesting confidential information.
  1. Support the educational program at as high a level as possible by obtaining maximum value from the expenditure of College funds.
  2. Procure material at the lowest cost consistent with quality and service required.
  3. Maintain continuity of supply.
  4. Maintain standards of quality in materials based upon suitability.
  5. Avoid duplication, waste and obsolescence.
  6. Award contracts impartially.