School of Science

Homestead Campus

STEM – Wave

Through this project, successive waves of well-prepared science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors will receive a network of services that will enable them to advance to timely associate’s degree completion. The first wave will consist of high school students with an interest in STEM careers who will participate in dual enrollment. The second wave will consist of non–dual enrollment MDC Homestead Campus students in STEM pathways. For more information, please contact Edda Juarez-Infante, Grant Project Director at or 305-237-5145. Visit the STEM-WAVE website for more information.


The STEP 2 STEM project will boost the success of low-income, academically talented students in STEM majors. The project consists of three primary phases. During the first phase, participants will take paired, redesigned gatekeeper mathematics and Student Life Skills courses, acquiring improved study habits, time management, other soft skills that will enhance their academic experience and their performance in the gatekeeper math course. The following term, participants enter the One Step Up phase, where they will implement the skills acquired during the first term and demonstrate a strong motivation and desire to succeed in their chosen STEM pathway. The third phase, Stepping Out, occurs during participants’ final two terms at MDC and includes field trips to universities and STEM employers, presentations by STEM professionals, research experiences, and transfer assistance. For more information, please contact Angelina Cavallaro, at or 305-237-5260.

Kendall Campus


Student and Teacher Integrated Center for Health Sciences (STICHES) is a Title V grant designed to support and empower students pursuing pathways in the health sciences by improving access to critical academic and vocational resources, elevating the student experience on and off campus, and enhancing teaching and learning through collaboration with college faculty and local secondary school teachers. For more information, please contact or (305) 237-0893.

North Campus 

STEM Pathways for Acceleration, Completion, and Transfer Success (STEM PACTS)

STEM PACTS project aims to increase the number of Hispanic and low-income students attaining STEM degrees by establishing (1) a streamlined transfer pathway model with personalized advisement for MDC STEM students to promote transfer to 4- year institutions; (2) a mentorship program with STEM professionals, including authentic undergraduate research experiences, internships in STEM industries, and scheduled interactions with STEM trailblazers; (3) a STEM Reinventing Educational Equity for Students (REEFS) Center for the implementation of student intervention strategies, including high-impact practices, to foster student completion of STEM courses; and (4) a STEM-focused early immersion program for incoming first-time-in-college students designed for direct advancement from high school to college. For more information, please contact Claudia Sánchez at or 305-237-1276. For program updates: STEM PACTS _Lib guide 

STEM Advanced Institute for Scholastic Leadership Experience (STEM AISLE)

STEM AISLE project intends to increase the enrollment, retention, success, and completion of minorities and female students in STEM programs, with a special focus on engineering and technology students, and to improve their employability upon graduation. This program will improve the academic, professional, and “soft-skills” of STEM students through tutoring, research experiences, service-learning, internships, e-portfolios, advisement/mentoring, a career speaker series, and financial literacy workshops. High achieving and motivated undergraduates who fulfill specific activities will earn the right to graduate with the Distinction in STEM Scholastic Leadership (DSSL) that will be reflected on the official undergraduate transcript. Additionally, DSSL scholars will be honored with an illustrious graduation chord, signifying their distinction, to wear at commencement. For more information, please contact Emmanuela Franck at or 305-237- 1469. Apply at: Visit the STEM AISLE: LibGuide

Padrón Campus

STEM Beyond

STEM Beyond is a program designed to address the needs of minority students studying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The aim is to provide wraparound services online and beyond the classroom by improving graduation and transfer-ready rates among STEM declared students at Padrón Campus. Services and opportunities include cultivating a virtual community of learners, providing dedicated academic advising and support, supplying peer mentoring and coaching, and improving students' STEM identity. For more information, please contact: Justin Estevez at or 305-237-6705.


STEM-Mia (or “My STEM” in Spanish) project aims to increase success, retention, and degree completion of STEM academically talented, low-income students. In addition to providing scholarships, the program includes the following high-impact practices: undergraduate research experiences; advising and mentoring by STEM faculty; implementation of academic pathways and early alert systems; year-round STEM colloquia; field trips; service-learning projects; conference presentations; and extensive assistance in transfer to four-year institutions. STEM-Mia will broaden the participation of Hispanics and other underrepresented students, including first generation-in-college students in STEM fields and careers. For more information, please contact Willian Neris at or (305) 237-6616 or visit

Wolfson Campus

Opening Gateways: Mathematics Success and Emotional Intelligence

Gateways is a Title V grant centered on emotional intelligence and mathematics success with the goal of improving retention, progression, and completion rates among high-need, low-income students. Through the integration of emotional intelligence (EI) development, Gateways is designed to (1) improve mathematics outcomes of direct entry students through supported mathematics acceleration via their Summer Bridge math academy and (2) engage faculty and staff in educational development on campus. Gateways support services are open to students from all academic pathways and include intensive mathematics review, Financial Literacy forums, Social-Emotional Learning forums, Peer-Led Team Learning, three-tiered mentoring, and accelerated math courses (MAT1033 or MGF1107). If you would like more information, please contact our team at

STEM Legacy

STEM Legacy is a Title III grant project dedicated to supporting students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and STEM faculty at the Wolfson Campus. Over the life of this five-year grant, STEM Legacy will establish the STEM AXIS Center (a centralized resource hub for students); provide mentoring through our unique Wolfpack three-tier-mentoring program; conduct tutoring through Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) and Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL); deliver career and self- development workshops; offer appreciative advising; and coordinate research and internship opportunities. We will also work with faculty and lab managers to enhance and upgrade STEM facilities and equipment and to implement High Impact Practices in their courses. If you would like more information about the many resources STEM Legacy has to offer, please contact our team at or visit our website at


STEM Strategies for Maximizing Achievement, Retention, and Transfer (SMART)

STEM SMART proposes to increase the number of Hispanic and other low-income students attaining degrees in STEM fields by providing undergraduate research internships and field-based experiences at MDC and at four- year institutions; research skills training through a Promoting Research, Innovation and Mentoring Experiences Academy; STEM completion and transfer assistance in the form of a STEM Success Coach and Pre-Transfer Advisor; a peer support system and online supplemental instruction through Peer Navigators: An enhanced virtual STEM Community of Interest; college tours; and professional development for faculty undergraduate research mentors; Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Castor via email at or phone 305-237-1689 for additional information.

Florida Pathways to Success Grant

The Florida Pathways to Success Grant provides scholarships for students pursuing an Associate in Arts degree in a STEM pathway at MDC, with the stated intention of transferring to a four-year Bachelor of Science program in a STEM field. Through this scholarship, recipients may receive awards of $3600 ($1800 per semester; fall/spring) for yearlong full-time study. Students will be eligible to reapply and receive the scholarship twice. For more information, please contact Regine Romelus at or 305-237-8451. Download our Florida Pathways to Success Application Form

Linking Interested Females to Technology (LIFT)

To aid Reboot Representation in attaining their goal to double the participation of Black, Latinx, and Native American women in computing by 2025, a comprehensive approach was designed to support MDC women through the 2-year to 4-year pathway to a bachelor’s degree in computer science at FIU. Leveraging evidence- based practices, this program provides community, access, support, and role models. For more information visit: