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About English and Communications at Wolfson Campus

Welcome to the English & Communication Department at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus. We are happy to provide students with the curricular and academic support needed to create an essential foundation for any academic pathway. Our goal is to guide students to the highest level of achievement in reading, writing, speaking and listening, emphasizing critical thinking, rigorous content, and emerging technologies.

The department offers remote learning and blended classes with a variety of days and times to accommodate student learning and enrollment needs. If you'd like to pursue an English & Communication degree through focused study in English education, English literature, mass communication or journalism, we prepare students for upper division studies and connect students with peers, community, and industry. Please explore our department page and visit our offices virtually or call us at 305-237-3980. We look forward to working with you.

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The Reading and Writing Center

The Reading and Writing Center at MDC Wolfson provides tutorial assistance to students at all levels currently enrolled in MDC courses that emphasize reading, writing speaking and listening.

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The Learning Spot

This is an academic support area which provides a friendly and warm environment that promotes college success strategies through supportive staff and an excellent repository of resources.


MDC launched its first student creative arts publication, Metromorphosis, at Wolfson Campus over 30 years ago.

Academic Programs

Our mission is to guide students in becoming informed, effective and clear communicators, both as speakers and writers, who are productive in their professions and in the communities in which they live. Many careers require an individual who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly and work efficiently with others on a team. English & Communication graduates use their education within varied careers as lawyers, grant writers, screenwriters, journalists, editors, teachers, speechwriters, web content developers, curriculum developers, research analysts, marketing consultants, social media consultants and activists.

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English/Literature & English Education

Associate in Arts Pathway

The English/Literature & English Education program emphasizes close reading and critical writing skills while exploring and examining literary connections to culture, history, and other fields of study. Through the analysis of local and global novels, poems, films, and more, students will develop their own voices and become prepared for any career that emphasizes document analysis and creativity of expression. Students may also choose to participate in the annual MDC Student Writers Symposium, any of our Literary/Creative Writing Learning Communities, or join the staff of Metromorphosis, the Wolfson Campus creative arts publication.

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Mass Communication/Journalism

Associate in Arts Pathway

The Mass Communication/Journalism program emphasizes study of rhetorical principles and media practices used to develop, share, and evaluate effective messages to large and specific audiences via verbal and written media such as print, digital media and the internet, social media, radio, and television. Courses offered train students to research, report and communicate objectively for print or web, teaching how to develop a compelling story while enhancing editing skills. Students may also complete a 1-3 credit internship, which provides practical, real-world experience.


NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Jennie Canete, Ed. S. Department Chair 305.237.3950 jcanete@mdc.edu
Julia Goodwin Assistant to the Chairperson 305-237-3950 jgoodwi1@mdc.edu
Jonathan Diaz Reyes Department Advisor 305-237-3562 jdiazrey@mdc.edu
Cassandra Moss Department Clerk 305.237.3980 cmoss@mdc.edu 


Name Phone Number Room Number Email
Prof. Gabriella Coro 305.237.2178 3604-24 gcoro@mdc.edu
Prof. Ariel Gonzalez 305.237.3641 3604-13 gonzal2@mdc.edu
Prof. Ana Hernandez 305.237.3283 3604-15 ahernand@mdc.edu
Dr. Eugene Pons 305.237.3084 3604-11 epons@mdc.edu
Prof. Michelle Riley 305.237.7705 3604-17 mriley@mdc.edu
Dr. Dina Berberkic 305.237.5604 3604-19 dberberk@mdc.edu
Prof. Barbara Sussman 305.237.3816 3604-25 bsussman@mdc.edu
Dr. Maria Villar 305.237.7561 3604-34 mvillar@mdc.edu
Prof. Wendy Ward 305.237.7557 3604-44 wward@mdc.edu
Dr. Michelle Witherspoon 305.237.3537 3604-23 mwithers@mdc.edu