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The Department of Social Sciences offers Associate in Arts (AA) degrees in the theoretical social sciences of Anthropology, History, International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology.

The Department of Social Sciences has two Associate in Science (AS) degrees. The first is the Social and Human Services degree with a Specialization in Addiction Studies. The second is a Social and Human Services-Generalist degree. In addition, under the umbrella of Social and Human Services we also offer a statewide Certificate in Addiction Studies, especially designed for those persons with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees but who want expertise in the Addiction field. Students interested in addiction studies that do not have a college degree can take advantage of the College Credit Certificate in Addiction Studies. It prepares you to begin working in the field and can be stacked to the AS degrees in Social and Human Services.

Moreover, the Department of Social Sciences has a Student Life Skills Program (SLS) for those students who need additional support to improve their academic performance.

Academic Programs

therapy groupAddiction Studies
College Credit Certificate

Cave drawingsAnthropology
Associate in Arts

battle sceneHistory
Associate in Arts

therapy groupHuman Services - Generalist
College Credit Certificate

row of international flagsInternational Relations
Associate in Arts

young politician at government meetingPolitical Science
Associate in Arts

therapist giving advicePsychology
Associate in Arts

public administrators talking outside government buildingPublic Administration
Associate in Arts

social worker meeting with familySocial Work
Associate in Arts

Silhouette of people holding handsSociology
Associate in Arts


NamePositionPhone NumberRoom NumberEmail
Alvaro Gonzalez Chair, Dept. of Social Sciences 305-237-3024 3506-19 agonza74@mdc.edu
Corey Higgs  Assistant to the Chair 305-237-7661 3506-28 chiggs1@mdc.edu
Daniel Rodriguez-Danton Department Advisor 305-237-3657 3506-29 drodri45@mdc.edu
Jonathan Herr Department Clerk 305-237-3660 3506 jherr@mdc.edu



NamePositionPhone NumberRoom NumberEmail
Alejandro Angee, Ph.D. Associate Professor Senior, Sociology 305-237-3180 3506-3 aangee@mdc.edu
Benjamin L. Augustyn, M.A., M.A. Assistant Professor, Anthropology & Sociology 305-237-3179 3506-17 baugusty@mdc.edu
Nazira Barry, M.S. Associate Professor, Psychology 305-237-3783 3506-2 nbarry@mdc.edu
Eric Belokon, Ph.D., Psy.D. Professor, Psychology  305-237-3185  3506-8  ebelokon@mdc.edu 
Maleka Brown, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor, Psychology and Student Life Skills  305-237-3516  3506-15  MBrown10@mdc.edu
Maria Gonzalez Llanos, M.A.  Associate Professor, International Relations and Political Science  305-237-7198  3506-16  mgonza35@mdc.edu 
Samuel Heastie, Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Human Services and Psychology 305-237-7523 3506-1 sheastie@mdc.edu
Carmen Lopez, Ph.D. Associate  Professor, History 305-237-3186 3506-7 clopez2@mdc.edu
James Rosado, Ph.D. Professor, Psychology 305-237-3272 3506-9 jrosado1@mdc.edu
Judy Lee Salvatierra, Ph.D. Professor, Psychology 305-237-3281 3506-13 jsalvat1@mdc.edu
Jo Anne White, Ed.S. Instructor, Psychology 305-237-3723 3506-5 jwhite4@mdc.edu
Ahmed-Karim Soliman, M.A. Instructor, History 305-237-3094 3506-14 asolima1@mdc.edu