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Departmental Offerings


The Department of Social Sciences offers Associate in Arts (AA) degrees in the theoretical social sciences of Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and provides courses in Geography.


The Department of Social Sciences has two Associate in Science (AS) degrees. The first is the Human Services degree with a Specialization in Addiction Studies. The second is a Human Services-Generalist degree. In addition, under the umbrella of Human Services we also offer a statewide Certificate in Addiction Studies, especially designed for those persons with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees, but who want expertise in the Addiction field.


Moreover, the Department of Social Sciences has a Student Life Skills Program (SLS) for those students who need additional support to improve their academic performance.

  Educational Philosophy  

We strive for students to acquire an abundant supply of knowledge through the social sciences. However, the acquisition of knowledge or information is not sufficient for achieving a substantial education. It must lead to understanding as students become aware of cause-effect relationships and interconnectedness in our world. This is what leads to insights and new revelations. Yet, understanding itself is but an additional step in the search for wisdom, as students use their exposure to the social sciences to become more enlightened thinkers. Wisdom itself is the ultimate intellectual prize in academia.


Educational Strategies


The Social Sciences are rich with complex, exciting, and controversial human content. Our goal is for both faculty and students to continually grow by developing attitudes essential for personal development. First is critical thinking, as they subject everything to analytical and synthetic reasoning. Second is an awareness of universals or common elements in all human experiences, while also understanding the existence of human diversity. Third is a global perspective in their thinking, as both faculty and students are able to transcend specific borders, cultures and social organizations. Fourth is collegiality or respect for others in the articulation of conflicting points of view. And fifth is humility, as they understand the difficulties in obtaining knowledge free from bias, errors and ideological and political manipulation.

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