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CLP1006 Psychology of Personal Effectiveness 3.00 credits
This is an applied psychology course which emphasizes the understanding of the principles of effective human behavior and their application to the areas of personal awareness, interpersonal relations, communication, and work/career development. (3 hr. lecture)

CLP2140 Abnormal Psychology 3.00 credits
This course examines the major categories of mental disorders. Diagnostic criteria, treatment methods, cultural factors, public attitudes, community resources, ethical issues and legislation applicable to individuals with mental disorders are studied. The impact of mental disorders on individuals, families and society are discussed. (3 hr. lecture)

DEP2000 Human Growth and Development 3.00 credits
The nature of human behavior as a dynamic developmental phenomenon. While the emphasis is psychological, an understanding of the physical aspects of development and their social implications is included. Observation and written analysis of principles of learning involved in human development are required. The course meets teacher certification requirements in the area of psychological foundations. (3 hr. lecture)

PCO2731 Human Relations 3.00 credits
Emphasizes an awareness of the problems of a person's relationship to others, and the known laws and generalizations about the action patterns of individuals and groups. Effort is made to develop an awareness of the techniques of effective interpersonal relations. (3 hr. lecture)

PSB2442 The Psychology of Addiction 3.00 credits
This course will examine psychological, medical, pharmacological, legal, economic and sociological aspects of addiction to and use of various chemicals. The course will take an in-depth look at narcotic sedatives, and stimulants including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, caffeine and tobacco. (3hr. lecture)

PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology 3.00 credits
Blends classic material with the most recent developments in psychological theory. Provides an understanding of human behavior as a natural phenomenon subject to scientific study. (3 hr. lecture)

SOP2002 Social Psychology 3.00 credits
Combines a knowledge of psychology and sociology, in an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human interaction. Main themes deal with the nature of attitudes, how attitudes may be changed, the processes of interaction and the nature of group structures. (3 hr. lecture)

SOP2772 Human Sexuality 1.00 - 3.00 credits
Emphasizes the interrelationships between the biological, socio-psychological and cultural aspects of human sexuality. Among the topics covered are the bio-psycho-social states of development, sexual arousal, the historical basis of Western sexual values and behavior, sex laws, the Kinsey-Masters-Johnson reports and sexuality in the arts. (1-3 hr. lecture)

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