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Student Life Skills

SLS1125 Student Support Seminar 3.00 credits
This course provides a foundation for gaining knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for college success. Students will learn specific social, cultural, psychological, and academic considerations that are known to impact student achievement. Students will also assess their competence in each of these areas, and learn strategies that will improve their overall student effectiveness. (3 hr. lecture)

SLS1130 College Survival Seminar 1.00 credits
An introduction to the campus, college policies, student services and self-discovery for entering freshmen. (1 hr. lecture)

SLS1401 Psychology of Career Adjustment 1.00 - 6.00 credits
For students who have not decided, are having difficulty deciding, or need clarification in making a career choice. A format for a systematic investigation for career and life planning is included. It is concerned with "who you are," "where are you going," "how to get there," and "what's out there that fits you." Special fee. (1-6 hr. lecture)

SLS1505 College Survival Skills 1.00 credits
This is an introductory self-discovery course designed to help students make the transition to college. Students will learn the knowledge and skills necessary for success, including knowledge of academic policies and procedures, effective study strategies, and making sound academic and career choices. (1 hr. lecture)

SLS1510 Preparing for Student Success 3.00 credits
This course provides an orientation to college life and helps develop academic, career, and personal goals. Students will learn college success strategies, goal-setting, learning style assessments, as well as general and discipline-specific study skills in the context of various theoretical, practical, and experiential perspectives. (3 hr. lecture)

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