Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting

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The purpose of the Office of Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting is to provide high quality, reliable, and actionable data to empower all employees to make data informed decisions that support MDC’s mission and priorities while preserving availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data.

Core Functions

Data Governance - Develop and implement College-wide business intelligence policies and procedures that standardize the reporting mechanisms that uses business intelligence tools that provides users access to the data. Create the infrastructure that enhances the visibility and accessibility to data and design core and data models needed to comply with the development of dashboards and reports.

Data Transparency and Accessibility - Design and produce visualization products in the form of dashboards, reports, analytics, and others to support data decision-making. Provides training and guidance related to the use of data at the College. Engage in data literacy activities to increase the College’s capacity for data informed decision making and analysis.