Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness


Message from the Vice Provost,
Wanda P. Smith

The Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness (SIE) provides a foundation for informed decision-making at the College. Our mission statement is straight forward. Our core function descriptions are succinct, but embody a myriad of activities that support the mission. As a team, we are dedicated to facilitating, coordinating, and guiding the college’s accreditation activities; leading the strategic planning process; supervising and carrying out the college’s institutional research functions; providing data and analysis for decision-making at a variety of levels throughout the College; assisting internal stakeholders with their research and assessment needs; helping monitor institutional compliance with all federal, state and local regulations; and coordinating College reporting to governmental agencies and external constituents in the most timely and accurate manner possible.

We look forward to working with you.

Core Functions

  • Provide leadership and oversight of the College's institutional quality and effectiveness activities, including but not limited to research, planning, accreditation, assessment, and evaluation.
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and report data for strategic decision support and compliance.
  • Serve as stewards of data and information.
  • Educate information producers, users, and consumers on the strategic and ethical use of data to help improve student achievement and success, educational quality, and institutional performance.
  • Collaboratively build college-wide capacity to advance data informed decision making.
  • Enhance the coordinated, decentralized ability to work with data and information.


SIE Departments