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Alon Bender

CEO & Founder, CLEER Security

Alon Bender

Alon Bender is the CEO and founder for CLEER Security, a Miami based cybersecurity startup. Backed by industry leaders, CLEER Security offers a SAAS Cybersecurity solution to help SOC teams respond quicker to the alerts that needs their immediate attention. Prior to his current role, Mr. Bender spent 20 years as enterprise cybersecurity engineer working at the leading cybersecurity vendors including: Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee and Proofpoint.

Mr. Bender, designed and delivered hundreds of cybersecurity solutions to F500, G2000, State and Local Government in the US since 2002. Earlier in his career Mr. Bender served as EVP Strategy - Network Privacy Inc., CEO & Founder - WingedHat, CTO - IntraTech, CEO & Founder - AB Networks and Cyber Ops Planning Commander – IDF. Mr. Bender relocated from Silicon Valley to South Florida in 2017 and working since to help support and grow local cybersecurity presence building his company here in Miami. Mr. Bender holds twenty-five certifications, in addition to bachelor’s degree in science in applied science and technology from Trinity University.