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Have your IT Security team train with one of the most advanced cybersecurity training platforms available anywhere, the state-of-the-art MDC Cyber Range.

With Cyber Range training packages, your team can continually train to ensure their skills stay sharp as they defend against more than 25 destructive attacks such as ransomware, SQL injection, DDoS and more.

Explore to see how Cyber Range training can help your organization be better prepared for today’s advanced attacks. 


Why Us?

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Actionable Results

Get a true understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses to help you create a robust training and incident response plan.

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Team Training

Train the way that you work, as a team. Improve team dynamics such as communication, collaboration, leadership, and decision-making.

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Defensive Focus

Many attack scenarios focus on the critical defensive tools, tactics, and procedures needed most by organizations.

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Cloud Platform

100% remote training capability to ensure your entire team can take part in any training.

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Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Companies through a SOCathon at MDC Cyber Range, Cyberbit

See how your organization can be better prepared with
advanced Cyber Range training.

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