Holocaust and Genocide Education Program

Current Offerings

EDG2704 (3 credits)

Teaching The Holocaust
The student will learn the history and issues of the Nazi holocaust in order to prepare research-based instruction of Florida’s mandated curriculum using a variety of resources, media, and literature. This course satisfies Florida department of education requirements for teacher recertification.

EUH2032 (3 credits)

History of the Holocaust (3 hr. lecture)
This is a foundation course in Holocaust Studies. Students will learn the historical origins, execution and consequences of the Holocaust. This course also examines the Holocaust’s place in context of genocides past and present.

LIT2174 (3 credits)

Literature of the Holocaust and Genocide (3 hr. lecture)
This course explores the literary responses to the Holocaust and Genocide using a variety of texts including written, film, and propaganda/ graphic arts. Students will learn the various literary techniques used to interpret these key world and historical events. Prerequisite: ENC 1101.

PSY 2800 (3 credits)

Psychology of Genocide (3 hr. lecture)
Students will learn the psychological, social and, cultural roots of genocide, human cruelty, and mass violence. Students will examine the various factors influencing such acts, and the emotional and psychological impacts upon victims, perpetrators, rescuers, and society.

WOH2003 (3 credits)

History of Genocide (3 hr. lecture)
This course is designed to explore the history, causes, and consequences of genocide through identification of the patterns of intentional mass killings. Students will learn via case studies the characteristics of past and current incidents characterized as genocide.

Under Development

  • Introduction to Genocide (3 credits)